Amazon Discount System is a DISASTER


I wish that amazon will discount or give for free each of my listing (of course, they will fund it).


Not helpful we are not selling them on other sites & sales has been constantly growing on amazon month on month without offering any discount also this is done by BOT not human so its is not helping amazon or even us.


Ok I will do that to see if that helps , Thanks.


Thanks for reminding me i am loosing 0.75cents less lol


Do you really think that you know how amazon operates ?


Amazon said that not my assumption

I understand in long term it will cost huge and the Buy Box price has been reduced due to Amazon Funded Program.

As the system is automatic we cannot manually make any changes to it. However, I have taken this as feedback and forwarded to the concern team so that we can make changes to the algorithm or system such that Buy Box is not impacted. I appreciate your understanding and thank you for your co-operation.

Once I get an update from our team that all the listings are removed from Amazon Funded Program, I will confirm to you and resolve the case.


This is the first time I heard about Amazon doing this. WIsh does this and has been doing it for a couple years now, when you list your item on their site you give them a price and they will sell it lower than that out of the fees they take. I have seen some items sold pretty low on their which makes me think they are all funded by Wish. Looks like Amazon might be doing the same thing now, this could be good for sellers but as in your case it looks like a bad experience…


I have confirmed Walmart as the culprit for one of my products. Amazon is providing the discount down to the exact Walmart price.


I knew it would make you feel better.


A lot of companies have gone out of business trying to compete on price with Walmart. Amazon should have noticed that.


Do you know that walmart also compares prices with amazon listings ?
Both try to target same customers.


Yep Walmart will delist some of our items if the Amazon price is lower.


I think this program is a good idea, however discounts by Amazon should not affect your ASP that the buybox algo uses.


with amazon the prices lower the prices every month … it has always been like this. …


i am not sure what the issue is but i try to maximize the discount till i lose the buy box. customers are paying less and i am raising my price and still getting the buy box and amazon pays you full price.


Yes you lowered the price back down…however once you lowered the price you gave the bot validation for a new lower price. you fell for the scam by getting nervous. your obviously a newer seller. set your price and leave it. it always comes back within a week or so…now you are going to have to lower it drastically to get the buy box consistently again.


Even with USD 44.99 it has lost the buy box again so now I am not touching it we are selling since 2 years but yes this is our first experience with situation., So we are learning.

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