Amazon Delivery Not Able to Just Leave Package


Well said.
Of all type of things to require a signature…

We received another of our FBA inventory recalls yesterday.
A signature was not required this time.

It was placed on top of another package containing a HP
desktop tower… that did not require a signature either.

It would have been interesting if the FBA return package worth
57.00 would have had to have been signed for and the 1200.00
dollar HP did not.

In any event… Amazon has to take steps to cut down on INR’s.
FBA recalled inventory is likely near the top of the list for INR claims :wink:
and steps had to be taken… even if inconsistently. :sunglasses:


Perhaps it is something they do for new contractors, to limit risk on the contractor side for new drivers.

Perhaps too many INR by sellers? We all know Amazon loves to make policies for everyone, despite there being just a few bad actors. This could just be the FBA equivalent of RFS because some bad sellers had porch pirates at their home business’.

If it is INR issues, clearly the problem would come from the people with the porch pirate issues, and not those operating a 9-5 or those who have made arrangements for secure receiving. Based on the percentage of sellers accusing buyers of INR theft, there must be a % of sellers using the same scam against Amazon. That sword most likely has two edges.


Why do you mock me?

On Amazon, 95% of my sales are FBA. On Ebay I have 2,206 positive feedbacks. 100%. I ship on time, usually same day.

I don’t know what else … to say.


Pointing out your hypocrisy, is not mocking you.

There is no policy on any platform, preventing you from utilizing your right to use the maximum amount of proof that your items were delivered for your protection. Yet, when others choose to use the exact same freedoms you are afforded, you are annoyed and have expectations of policy requirements for them do do so.


Fair enough. But Amazon third party sellers were not notified that as of early June, 2022, signature confirmation was going to be required of seller-requested FBA returns.

This just arose, out of the blue. And as it turns out, it is only for Amazon vehicle returns, and not the USPS returns.

Yes, I do need a policy requirement, for this. From Amazon. We are talking about Seller Requested Amazon Returns.

This has nothing to do with any Amazon customers. Buying items. And then, returning them. Amazon has clear policies for these returns. And none of them, include, the seller having to provide a signature confirmation for the buyer’s return.


I appreciate the efforts. I had a driver call Friday evening wanting a signature; for the first time, they refused to just leave it.

This is all especially irritating given the fact that the FBA removal fees we pay pretty much doubled this year…


Just like you operating your business, what policies require you to notify customers that you are requiring a signature? None, because it is your sole discretion to determine if you are willing to pay to get a signature. Why does Amazon have to notify you of their desire to reduce theft when they are the ones responsible for the shipment in the first place?

So? Have any of your items ended up in the shredder because you were not home? If they keep delivering, what difference does it make? Is your doorbell going to wear out or something?

As I pointed out, Amazon can do what it wants with its contractors, where USPS and UPS charge fees for the same services. If you were given free signature service, wouldn’t you take it??? We would.

Hypocrisy. You do not have such constraints in operating your business.

What difference does this make? Amazon has the responsibility and the risk of shipping something to you, with the capability to require a signature at their discretion, probably for free via their internal logistics.

I welcome Amazon taking steps to ensure any theft is minimized, even when it is not at the consumer level, as each INR adds to the cost of operations, lost revenue and fee increases we all will pay to cover those losses.

You know who is not complaining or concerned at all with this program, those who have professional arrangements or facilities for conducting their business operations. That being said, I agree Amazon should allow for waiving of signatures in exchange for waiving of damages and INR, as that puts the responsibility back on the seller in exchange for their convenience.
We wholeheartedly agree with Amazon using signatures to minimize INR/Damage claims with sellers, as those costs are eventually distributed to sellers like you and me.


Could I ask everyone still attempting to chip away at each other to either give it up or get a room. You’re not going to change the other’s mind. This is an exercise in typing at this point and while I revile in the glory of creating such an active thread, this has been going on for almost two weeks now. I know your position. The AZ representative knows your position. I think even Jeff Bezos knows where you stand. You’re good. It’s ok. Nothing else needs to be said.


But you started it!!!


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Troll much?


Bet you didn’t know what that button did before I pointed it out, or you wouldn’t be complaining.


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Held to a higher standard must not apply to packaging. The whole sign for returns is ridiculous, but has anyone else noticed that the packaging of returns is horrible. At least 75% of the FBA returns I recieve have damage to the contents due to poor packaging. If I filled a merchant order like that I would get my hand slapped.
But that’s probably another thread. btw I thought these threads were to find help not attack each poster. That is not contributing. imo


No, packaging is the sellers responsibility throughout the supply chain. This is why there are standards for drop tests etc. Too many sellers think they can send in items in retail boxes and expect them to come back in mint condition. You have probably chosen to not outer box your items, and therefore have assumed that expected damage as being cheaper than your own commercial packaging. - A smart business decision.

Do your merchant orders come back pristine?

Yup, many posts out there about FBA packaging assumptions.

Pointing out reality and hypocrisy, is not attacking. This is a recent phenomenon, where somehow people think their level of outrage somehow alters reality, when it does not. They also think that their outrage or level of offense somehow prevents them from having their assertions questioned. Remember how many sellers were upset about having their address listed? How did that pan out for those who stomped their feet in outrage? How would telling them how right they are for being outraged change anything for those sellers? Instead, the logical, rational sellers pointed out they could get PO boxes, or UPS store/virtual office address’ to mask their home address’.

It probably takes longer for you to bring in one of the cute pinwheels in front of your store each night, than to sign for a FBA return package. (they really are kind of cool, along with the wood pelicans).


@jayplac @Desperadocan and other sellers monitoring this thread:

I have received an update from our partner teams, and we do not have a way for sellers to turn-off the signature requirement for FBA inventory returns. Our Tech teams are actively working on a solution, and we shared the comments in this thread



@KJ_Amazon Can you please pin a notice about this?



I wish you the best of luck in selling your products on Amazon.


Same to you. Hopefully they will allow you to waive your signature.