Amazon Delayed Payment


I hate navigating around the seller central website just to get a simple answer on when I can transfer payments to my checking account. I may stick with craigslist from now on as Amazon has become even less and less intuitive as time goes on. i then they display some sort of graph at Seller Central that is totally useless to me. This is crap.

Payments disbursed to my bank in a timely manner

For most of us we cannot initiate any payments. (notice I said most of us)
This is done automatically by Amazon on a set schedule. (again for MOST of us this is every 2 weeks)


Are you not on a payment cycle? When is your next payment date?


Where is the payment date??? WHERE?


At the bottom of the useless graph.




Download the Amazon Seller app.


Thanks but yeah right and pay amazon another 1.5% as if amazon fees aren’t high enough.


Oh, you figured out they are invoiced orders. Yup, 1.5% or wait.