Amazon deactivating offers for competing 3rd party seller offers


It looks like Amazon is deactivating all competing offers for 3rd party products which Amazon is selling direct. This morning I have a whole bunch of items deactivate because of supposed high pricing violations. It looks like Amazon wants to get rid of sellers offers which Amazon stocks themselves. I have a guitar string which I must sell for 5.99 to make any kind of profit if I am to sell it on Amazon. Amazon sells it for .89 with free shipping. Not sure what Amazon is thinking other than eliminate all competitors.

How can anyone sell anything on Amazon for less than $4?

I have no seen this at all on my offers where amazon is also present.


It sounds like Amazon may not be a good fit for this product for you…


I woke up to 11 high price violatios. As I was adjusting, it went to 14, then 15.


Now it’s 17.


Yep that is the same with me. One item tripled in wholesale cost this year so I had to raise the price to make a profit on it. Hopefully it is a software issue and gets reversed.


I think I’m going to sit on it and wait instead of adjust all the prices right away.


Highly doubt that is what is going on.

amazon would go broke very quickly if they did anything to eliminate 3P sellers. They are able to manipulate sales of the 3P sellers in a way that always will leave amazon on the profit side of the platform.

That is called retailer/wholesaler greed. As long as you keep paying the price it will continue to rise…keep that in mind. I walk when deals stink.

A very recent one, a few months back I changed one of our suppliers. We were their #1 for many years, company was sold and new owners tried that BS on us. I walked and found a new supplier, they finally called me after 6 months. It gets even worse, they had one of sales reps call…You never leave damaged control of a key account to the sales rep.

Was in the big box building supply store and they assume I am fool like all the others. Some #2 awg thhn cable was $5.+ a foot. I walked out and went down the street where I should have went in the first place and it was $2.x a foot.


then it was 22…


I have no proof but have come to the conclusion – after reading these fora for 10 years – that the only third party sellers Amazon wants are those who will never complain, regardless of the circumstances they face or the regulations that they must endure, and with whom all business can be done via artificial intelligence.


The pricing bots are working overtime this morning.


Pricing Bots have to be all out of wack right now. I had items listed at around $1 (they’re cards) and they’re being hit with a “Potential High Price Error”




You are probably right on that. I try not to complain too much. Some days I just get bent the wrong way.


Anyone else have their dispersement changed to $0? I had a large amount set for dispersement tomorrow and now due to these random high price violations, it’s been changed to $0.


It might have something to do with Amazon closing 40+ distribution centers. They have to dump their inventory somewhere so why not eliminate the 3rd party sellers on their competing inventory until they unload it all.


That happened to me on my last dispersement. It went to $0 but the money was still transferred as usual.


Perhaps they are just culling the bad ones.


That is news to me, where was this posted?


They are not closing 40+ distribution centers. They closed 2 and cancelled the plans for 42 new FCs.