Amazon customers not knowing how to check their messages is destroying our business’


It is BEYOND infuriating. The buyer should NOT be able to opt OUT of getting any replies from the merchant. This MUST change. And Yes you are correct, 50% of negative feedback is when the buyer has opted out!


I agree with you 100%…I am at 100% of A-Z because of buyers who don’t read our messages. Really Sad!


It’s always sad when a post starts out on very solid ground and then suddenly veers into the “seller abuse” abyss… Takes all the good points and flushes them down the credibility {Content Removed}. I was on board for about 85% of your post though.


Amazon makes it very difficult to contact customers. Apparently customers have the option of clicking on a “do not contact” button which then makes it almost impossible to contact them.


Yes… Amazon knows how to configure everything exactly the way they want it.

They need to configure the mail system to ONLY allow the buyer to opt out of messages from a seller AFTER his order has been received. That way they will not have to worry about sellers bombarding the buyer with requests for feedback. At the same time it would allow us to communicate with our buyers during the sales and delivery process.

People should NOT be able to opt out of receiving all messages. That makes it impossible for us to keep our buyers informed of what is transpiring with their order… as need be.

I had to cancel a $6000 order because the buyer had opted out of receiving messages. I had no way to communicate with him as to the status of his furniture delivery.

I asked Amazon if they could contact him… but they said they cannot do that. So… I told Amazon I have no other choice than to cancel the order. I feel a responsibility to a buyer who spends that kind of money. I cannot do business with someone who is totally NON-communicative.


EXACTLY. Over half of buyers do not see messages

Amazon you need to really make seller messages show up clearly for buyers.


I don’t hear a thing and I am never sure whether they got the message… just chose not to respond… maybe they are out of town for a few days… ???
I am not sure how you expect to accept delivery of your furniture if you can’t take the time to communicate with us regarding delivery dates and times.

Unfortunately, I can see myself unintentionally being this kind of customer. I use an email address for Amazon that I never check. Why? Because it’s filled with unwanted and unnecessary (IMO) messages from Amazon. Advertise here… you might like this… did you leave feedback… we want to hear from you… you made a sale… your payment is coming…

The only escape is to create an email specifically for all the junk they want to send that I want to ignore.

For the same reasons, I never answer my phone nor check the voice mail. I have a land line but use it for outgoing calls only, and leave the ringer turned off. Why? Because people I don’t want to hear from call me all the time. It bugs me, so I shut them down. Surveys, sales pitches, collection calls for people who used to have my phone number, nobody I have any need or desire to talk to. So I don’t answer the phone and let them send their voice messages into oblivion.

I’ve also blocked nearly every number from my state on my cell phone. Again, why? Because spammers/telemarketers call me ALL the time and I’m sick of being bothered.

Unfortunately, this leads to the occasional missed call or email that’s actually important. But I’m not interested in being pestered 10 times a day to be sure I don’t miss the once every six month call that I want to take. It’s frustrating as heck to be inundated with all this unwanted contact/solicitation/garbage, and directing it all to an email or voice mail that’s unattended is a simple solution.

As a result, I could potentially see myself being the type of customer you described and thought I’d offer up my perspective. I do think a flag when you’re logged into Amazon could help draw buyer’s attention. Something like the little numbers we see in the forums to show us we have a message waiting. Although, I tend to ignore these too on many sites, so…


Maybe you are my customer who ordered the $6000 worth of furniture … LOL

How would you expect this to be delivered if you never check your e-mails or phone messages?

Should we just leave it all in your driveway in a snow bank in the hopes it won’t be stolen, vandalized or whatever… ?? Maybe you are on a business trip and won’t be home for several days … ??

There is no way for us to know what to do with your furniture order. Maybe you got hauled off to jail and won’t be needing the furniture in your current residence… ??

Anyway… in some cases people do need to speak with you.


Will all due respect to the 3rd party seller, this is not a chat line or even a retail establishment. The transactions should not require any dialogue in 99.9 percent of the orders. They are not looking for pen pals, they are looking for their order, simple, and without any contact or conversations. Sorry that this is “destroying your business”

As I glance at your post, which I wouldn’t dignify by reading start to finish, I see that you feel the feedback is also a scam, against you, since all the buyers “lie anyway”

Maybe you should consider another line of work?

Uncle Charlie


How about Amazon sends a text or robo call voice message whenever we leave an email through Amazon?


My thing on that, is when a customer clicks that they most likely are thinking unsolicited advertisements, coupons and emails. They probably aren’t thinking about all contact, they just don’t want to be contacted for upselling and the like. There is one way around their block and that is if more information is required to complete the order. However, this option according to Amazon is ONLY to be used for things like items that require information like what name to engrave on a personalized item or what mix does someone want in a mix and match. It is not for say an item got broken while packing but we have a very similar one we can substitute, or is it ok if we combine your orders into one shipment or any other number of valid contact reasons. If Amazon was more clear about what all a buyer is blocking, less buyers would block–I guarantee it. I unblocked contact when I realized what all it blocked. I used to block sellers because I thought they meant contact like the annoying spam you get in email everyday with related items or come back and save more kind of crap that I never ask for. I didn’t know that if a seller accidentally oversold my item they’d be unable to contact me and only have the option of cancelling. What made me change was that exact situation. The thing is, it was an old rare video game. They didn’t have the exact make (they put it under the wrong listing by accident) but they had a different variation that was the exact same game and in brand new condition. They wanted to swap it out but get my permission, instead I lost out on the game all together because the seller could not contact me–I only found out when I contacted them after my original order was cancelled and someone else had already bought the substitute that I would have been perfectly happy with.


Here’s some helpful info from the Help Files…hope this helps!

Send a critical message to a buyer
If you don’t receive a response from a buyer or your message is blocked, keep in mind that a buyer can opt out of receiving unsolicited messages from all sellers.

To send a critical message to the buyer:

Click the buyer’s name on the Manage Orders page, which will take you to Buyer-Seller Messaging.
Select “Additional Information Required” as your subject, write your message, and click Send.
If you use other subjects, the message will be bounced back if the buyer has opted out. Buyers can also flag messages as inappropriate. Therefore, the content of your “Additional Information Required” messages should be limited to requesting only the information you absolutely need to complete an order.


Once again—buy something from amazon & see all the emails you get—also people have closed all emails from amazon —only way I’ve found a avenue is take out a case have amazon write them




Could not agree more.

I recently received an A-Z as well, no contact at all from the customer within the last 30 days.
Order was shipped on time, but sent back by USPS due to ‘undeliverable address’. A-Z was immediately granted and hit my stats.

I literally have no problem refunding or re-shipping orders at my own expense, and this is how I get repaid. There is 0 loyalty from Amazon to us sellers.


Make sure you make the subject “additional information” for some reason those go through fine.


Buyers should not be able to opt out of messages from sellers. Period.


in your case, you should issue the refund after it’s returned to you, or if you want to contact the buyer for re-shipping etc, the response time allowed here is 2 business days, the same as return and refund. If you don’t hear back within 2 days, you must refund immediately.


How would you expect this to be delivered if you never check your e-mails or phone messages?

I’m not exactly sure, because I’ve never ordered furniture online. But when I did buy some locally, I made a point to ask what number the delivery guys would be calling from and add it to my authorized list, or when I could expect them to call so I could temporarily suspend my blocks at that time.

The other thing is that buyers may not know how the process needs to work on your end. Many just think I buy, I pay, it magically gets here - and never give any thought to the how it gets there. So your buyer could simply not realize you need to get in touch with him.

I’m not defending buyers who don’t respond, and I do empathize with your difficulties, I’m just saying I could easily find myself falling into your buyers shoes.

I don’t think that making all messages more visible is necessarily the solution though. As soon as you make a feature available, the unethical will start to misuse it and it then becomes pointless. If people only sent important messages, then I would read them all. But because 99.9% are junk, I ignore them all instead.

What might be an option is to create some type of ‘this order requires special processing’ feature. Amazon must have that capability since they have the handmade department and offer customized orders. If they could implement something for deliveries that require special handling (something must already exist for FBA orders, I imagine?) and do it in such a way to minimize misuse by the people who think begging for feedback and product reviews is urgent and necessary, that could help.

But just emphasizing ‘hey read your messages!’ won’t do it. There could be something visible to alert buyers to potential problems whenever they come to the site. Something in this section maybe -


If it operated like our performance flag, telling a buyer there’s something you need to pay attention to, that could help. Maybe a counter showing - your order is at risk of cancellation if you don’t respond by xx/xx
But it would have to be just for truly urgent, time-sensitive matters. That would be the key.


I agree!