Amazon customer service threatens me with a claim


After customer opened medical device , which renders it not returnable, customer filed A to Z stating “terrible quality”. Customer lost the claim and immediately opens another return request via Amazon customer service with the following msg. How could Amazon Customer service threaten / blackmail me!? Help!

Details: Please send to the costumer a prepaid label for her to be able to return the product. SHE HAS NOT OPEN THE PRODUCT! Send her a label and issue the refund ASAP or we will issue a claim.


They are just relaying the message from the buyer.


forward the message to seller performance, and quote the policy for no returns, but make sure it doesn’t say unopened returns are OK.


Check amazon return policy for this type of products…
Some items are refundable without return.


I wouldn’t forward the message to Seller Performance. What are they going to do?? They can only hurt you, not help you. Customer Support has very little authority to do anything when it’s an item shipped by the merchant (FBM). Many of the CSR’s are untrained and don’t know how to properly handle a customer complaint. They do often times make statements that sound threatening. Sometimes it is actually intended to be a threat and other times it’s just a repeat (like a parrot) of what the customer told them.

I would treat it like any other email you receive. Just reply to the customer and let them know (as nicely as possible) that they cannot return the item once it has been opened. If that is actually the case. Without knowing what product it is, we can’t advise you on that. If you’re 100% certain that the product cannot be returned then let the customer know this. That’s all you need to do. Once you reply to the customer your under no further obligation to do anything IMO.


In order to sell at Amazon you need to be out of troubles the much as you can, if you sale a decent amount of products just accept the return and pass the page, if the product is a high value $$ charge restocking fee, up to 50% of the product. if the product is a low value just accept. unfortunately this is part of the business, a sad part but it is something that everyone will run on a situation like that one day.