Amazon Customer Service Returns keep calling


So Amazon Called me asking me to provide a Return Authorization. I said are you serious, as the system is automated, as I was tired and it was Saturday, just starting to unwind from the week , I figured give me the order # and lets see. Well the order was from 9 months ago, I said NO Return is possible , and then I hung up. Maybe not the best thing to do, but……………. And now they have called back 3 times. I think this is wrong , I myself like Email to track all messages to and from customers. Any thoughts?


Sure it wasn’t a phishing call? I got a few calls about a year ago, was a bit bizarre supposedly getting calls from amazon. Within a few words I told them to write me on amazon and then I hung up.

I suspect the possibility of my number being recorded from one of my calls to customer service. They end up with a few pages of sellers names and numbers then sell it locally for a bucks.


The call came through my phone as Amazon Customer Service, a return request which was Denied followed. It was for a Springtime Tablecloth, quality not as expected. Return was denied automatically.
I guess the customer does not want there spring time tablecloth for winter.:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: