Amazon Customer Service Issue


I sold my first product on FBA and the customer was having shipping issues. The Amazon customer service representative told the customer to contact me. The customer was very upset. I tried to explain to her that Although it was my product that was shipped to Amazon, we had nothing to do with the shipping of it to her. She said that the rep told her to contact us about the issue.

I don’t understand, I thought the point of FBA and why I pay a fee was to handle these issues. Especially since we were not involved in the shipping of the product in any way. Could someone explain this to me.
I appreciate any clarity on this issue.



You should always direct all customers to contact Amazon regarding FBA orders.

This must have been a badly trained rep.


That’s what I thought. My first sale and I get a one page message from a very upset customer. I am wondering how often this happens. Have any of you had Amazon customer service direct FBA customers to you when it is clearly an FBA issue and not a thrid-party seller issue?

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