is the buyer what does that mean?


Hi Just got an order on FBA where the buyer is and the address is one of amazon FBA centers in CA where the product is any idea what that means?


In settings you may have given Amazon the right to sell your items in other marketplaces – e.g. Canada, Mexico, Europe, etc. It may also be that they want to test your item to make sure it is as described. They sometimes do this for jewelry that claims gold or silver content. The testing is destructive so the items cannot be sold afterwards. There may be other reasons.


I agree they probably have some of your products listed on other marketplaces.

When I first saw a sale to, I thought maybe they were checking us out. When I opened up the order details, there was a link that said something like “See all 29 orders from this buyer”.

So I’m guessing they are selling our stuff on other marketplaces. None have been returned.


thanks i checked and it is sold by amazon in Australia


How did you check this? Did you just search other marketplaces?




So Amazon is doing its own RA? That’s interesting!