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As an Individual Seller, I’ve tried calling Seller Support twice & got “absolutely” no where with… how do I start selling in Canada. I do not sell enough product to upgrade to a Professional Seller account with a monthly fee, so that is not an option. Numerous videos say that I can sell, as an Individual Seller, to Canada…but I can’t find out how. Or should/can I set up an Individual Seller account, as a USA business. Help…I just spend 57 minutes on the phone with Seller Support & got no help at all! FYI…I sell books.


If you are an individual seller and your US sales are low, I suggest that you do not spend another minute thinking about expansing into Canada. Instead focus your efforts on US. Once you are doing very well there, you might reconsider Canada.

My experience is with FBA, so is much better enabled for expansion. I see close to 30% of my US business for Canada and based on population alone, that is exceptionally good. By population, it should be only about one-tenth. Additionally, you would need to be competitive against domestic sellers who won’t need to worry about import/export and additional costs for shipping and returns (you need to either have a Canadian return address or pay for ALL returns). There are also sales tax considerations. Any item over $20 needs to pay sales tax (between 5% and 15%) and that needs to be built into the price along with all import duties and fees. Without using FBA, this can be expensive and painful. Getting set up for FBA in Canada involves registering your business, registering for sales and income taxes, etc. which can be a lot of work and expense.

So, short of it is, that unless you are planning to turn your Canadian operation into a $100K business, it probably is not worth your time.



My books are targeted for a niche market & I have gotten many requests over the last 6 years from Canadians, asking how & when they can purchase my books through

So I already have customers waiting, I just need to figure out how to sell to them.


Okay you have been warned.

You should have an Upgrade to North American account link on your lower right corner of you main Seller Central page. If you don’t have it, create a case with Seller Support to request your account be upgraded to the Unified North American Account.

That will enable a country selector drop down (top center of the page with the US flag) to allow you to select

You will need to re-add your products and listings.

With an Individual account, you won’t have the ability to set customized shipping rates, so that will be a problem that will potentially cause you to lose money unless you set your price high enough to include all costs like shipping, import fees, and taxes. Unless your items are less than $20, you will need to use UPS, Fedex, or DHL and request their brokerage service to allow you to be billed for the import and shipping costs. That can get expensive. As mentioned, earlier, you will need to provide free return shipping or refund without the return.


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