Amazon choice


does anyone know what this means on one of my listings it says on top left AMAZONS CHOICE… what does this mean?


Hi here, Quality Pillow.

Thanks for reaching out to us here in Seller Forums.

The Amazon’s Choice feature makes product recommendations for searches where we believe customers would like assistance in quickly finding a high-quality product. please keep in mind that we don’t offer Amazon’s Choice for all searches. Amazon’s Choice recommendations are selected by taking a variety of factors into account including popularity, rating and reviews, availability, shipping speed, amongst other factors.

There is not currently a means of requesting that your product be selected as Amazon’s Choice for a given search (keyword). Selections are constantly updated, so continuing to offer high quality, well-priced products to your buyers will give you the best chance to be selected as Amazon’s Choice.

Thanks again for posting and I hope this information provides a bit of clarification. Have an excellent Thursday and I hope to see more posts from you in the future!



Does it related to Echo?


It means you got a favorable nod from Amazon. Should be good for sales.


I have one and it made my product my best seller



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