Amazon bots gone wild


Just received the following email from Amazon which is fine except that the ASIN in question is a book and has nothing to do with pesticides. It’s a 1920 publication titled Hygiene: Dental and General. It is listed in the proper category.

What gives?

Dear Seller,

As part of our ongoing efforts to protect our customers and enhance the customer experience, we are updating the requirements to offer products that qualify as pesticides or pesticide devices. Pesticides and pesticide devices include a broad set of products, and it can be hard to identify which products qualify and why. You are offering, or have previously offered, products that are affected, including for example:


To continue your current offers on affected products after June 7, 2019, you will need to complete a brief online training and pass the associated test. You will not be able to create new offers on any affected products until you receive approval. You are required to take the training and pass the test only once, even if you have offers on multiple products. This training will help you understand your obligations under EPA regulations as a seller of pesticides and pesticide devices.

To avoid interruption of your offers, you may either click this link to Seller Central to start the approval process using a sample ASIN:, or request approval using any of your ASINs listed above.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Why am I receiving this message?
    You are receiving this message because you are offering, or have previously offered, one or more pesticides or pesticide devices. EPA regulations define pesticides and pesticide devices to include a broad set of products, including many that you might not expect. For example, they can include:

• Ultraviolet lights;
• Air treatment units or filters;
• Water treatment units or filters;
• Sound generators;
• Insect traps; or
• Products that make pesticidal claims, such as “disinfects” or “sanitizes”.

For additional information, see EPA guidance on what a pesticide is: and what a pesticide device is:

You can also see Amazon’s Pesticides and Pesticide Devices policy for more information:

  1. What does this mean for me?
    To create a new offer on any pesticide or pesticide device, or to avoid removal of your existing offers of these products after June 7, 2019, you must obtain approval by completing an online training and passing the associated test. You need to take the training and pass the test only once, even if you have offers on multiple products.

  2. How do I seek approval to sell the affected products?
    There are two ways to request approval. You can click on this link to start the approval process using a sample ASIN (you are under no obligation to list against this ASIN, but can use it to trigger an approval request).

Alternatively, you can use one of your affected products as follows:
• Login to Seller Central, click Inventory, and select Add a Product.
• Input one of your pesticide or pesticide device ASINs from the list provided above.
• In the search results, click the “Listing limitations apply” link next to the ASIN.
• Click the Request Approval button to start the approval process.

  1. What does the approval process consist of?
    You will be required to complete a brief online training and achieve a passing score of at least 80% on the associated test. Only U.S. sellers are permitted to request approval.

  2. Can I still use FBA?
    Effective June 7, 2019, only sellers approved to sell the affected products may send shipments of those products to fulfillment centers.

  3. How will this affect my existing FBA inventory?
    If you have remaining inventory of qualifying products in Amazon fulfillment centers, you can continue selling your remaining inventory until June 7, 2019. After June 7, you either need to (i) obtain approval to continue to sell the affected products or (ii) create a Removal Order for return or disposal of your remaining FBA inventory. For assistance creating a Removal Order, please visit our How to Create Removal Orders page:

Thank you,
Amazon Services

How Many Different Threads Do We Need on the Pesticide Email

Here’s another thread on this


I got the same email for a couple of pieces of computer security/antivirus software!!!


I received the notice twice, both times for books.

Is there something we can do to point out that books are not pesticides?


There’s a new and incredibly stupid amazon bot going around and tagging anything with certain keywords as being related to pesticides. On the software side, it’s tagging antivirus products because of claims about removing worms or whatever. I imagine the book description triggered some other equally stupid objection. I created a seller case; but, I imagine it will be ignored until a more important seller (or 100 of them) report this.


From the description

Disinfection and disinfectants

Bot trap


Just got the same email from amazon and it has nothing to do with my ASIN as well now i am in the line to speak with them will keep you guys updated once i have any update


Got it today as well for a Rubbermaid brand Spatula of all things.


got the same email for B0002YP612 i don’t even have have that asin changing my PASSWORD!!!


Amabots Gone Wild, indeed.

We got this for for a hair brush. As the manufacturer created the listing and used the phrase “Antibacterial Bristles” in the product description, I’m thinking that’s what triggered the policing Amabot - bacteria can be pesky pests…


here is my update first they were trying to make me pass that test but after proving them that my products has nothing to do with pesticides and pesticide devices they have created a new case with all my ASINs and asked me to wait up to 48 hours to get update from amazon


I looked at the EPA site and some of our products “might” qualify so I followed the link. All they asked for was my e-mail and optionally a phone number and I had to check the box saying we wouldn’t sell anything that violates the EPA rules. Not a big deal. Easier than trying to fight seller “support”.


I did too for a pair of shoe inserts labeled under pesticides but I know why because it was listed under Home & Garden. SKU: B0002YP612. Check under the Category which is the reason.


Check the Category…Most likely the Antivirus is under the Wrong Category…


Most likely due to wrong Category, mine was for Shoe inserts but the Category was Home & Garden


I got the same e-mail today.
I don’t even sell that product.
It’s a book - a Circus Book - having nothing to do with pesticides :rofl:


Same here. Kinda lost.



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I got the same email, it of my Asins in the email but the link didn’t go to my product. Customer support double checked that it didn’t affect my listings a d said the email was sent by mistake. Made sure to get that in writing. I feel better knowing that a lot of other sellers got the same email.


Hello Mike, have you got any feedback from Amazon? did they fix your listing? appreciate if you could share your story as it happened to me too, now I am still waiting for them to get back to me.