Amazon automatically enrolled me in the Global Selling platform


Hello. We have a problem. I’ll just go ahead and explain everything.

We have created a seller account on amazon US in January. It took 4 months of preparation and finally we had 2000 items in FBA warehouses ready to be sold. After just 2 days we got a message saying something like this:

“Your Account has been deactivated in accordance with “Section 3 of Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement”. We’ve found that your account is related to an account that may not be used to sell on our site.”

Basically overnight (while I was sleeping, keep in mind I am the only one with access to the seller account) we had been enrolled in their Global Selling platform where you can open accounts in each marketplace they operate. (Europe, Middle-east, Australia, Brazil etc.) And we have been signed up for the European and Japanese marketplace accounts without our permission or approval.

So now in the middle of a product launch we got stopped - because of something we didn’t do. To resolve this they want to verify our personal and company documents to approve us for professional seller accounts in Japan and EU first and get approved to sell there, and then appeal for the US account re-activation. We do not want to sell there and to lose out precious time, but we have sent them the documents anyway and have been waiting for the approval for 3 days now. We always get the same “chat-bot” e-mail about needing more documents.

Amazon Seller Support (Only UK answers their phone) said that Amazon doesn’t just enlist accounts for global selling randomly and automatically, but I have increasing evidence of other people having the same issue. I can call them forth if need be. I found them on Facebook groups and Amazon forums. This is happening to many of us - and yes - Randomly. So I am losing sales, ranking and potentially I might have competitors copying my design now that they saw it. It is bad.

I even wrote to, but he might be busy - No answer.

Please, advice.

Thank you, Silvestar Dimitrov



I have the same problem. Silvestar Dimitrov something new about it?


Did you have inventory already in too?
What happened?
I have watched YouTube vids all day about how to send verification documents to make sure they get excepted, took notes (12+) and sent a long letter with 9 attachments. The more the better.
I’ll share a few now - If you don’t have a utility bill under your company name, just tell them you do not have a physical store and you operate your business from home. And make sure you send them plenty of docks to verify your address - statements, invoices anything with your company and your address in. Make sure address is spelled exactly the same way throughout.
So submited all on my 4th submission today after all the notes I wrote down and I feel pretty confident. We’ll see. I’ll let you know.
You cannot fight them, it will be quicker to just submit all things required and then if you are not gonna sell there, just to put the marketplace acc on vacation
Talk soon


Hi! Thank You for information, its really they are very useful!
I set up a new account and immediately joined the markets: USA, and JAPAN, although I pointed out that I am only interested in Europe. Of course every makret was automaticly professional so i lost money (for each market). 5 hours later my account was suspended and on Europe ( i have information:
“We found that your account is related to an account that may not be used to sell on our site. As a result, you may no longer sell on”
on need added veryfication so i sent extra documents and nothing.

I wrote to help desk but only information that they still verification my account.
So must wait. I want sell only for Europe. Maybe should I close Japan, and USA account and then my EUROPE account will be Reactivate. What Do You think? Do You think I will get the money back for the markets USA and JAPAN? I paid money and I cant sell…

So will be in touch, please give me the information when You know something



As far as I know, it is 1 global account you need to verify in 3 places. So when you close it in 1 place, you are closing the one and only account you have. Everywhere. So don’t do it.
The best thing is to do whatever you can to get verified as soon as possible. Send as many documents, bills, invoices connecting your company with the address you have on file. Make sure it is letter by letter exactly the same spelling throughout all the documents too. They have a very strict checklist while verifying docks.
Send them passport, send then a photo of you too. As many things as you can to prove that you have nothing to hide and are fully complient and transparent about your situation.
Also, if you don’t have a utility bill on your company’s name, just let them know you are not a physycal store, but rather working from home. Tell them you don’t have a utility bill on company’s name. Be open, honest and transparent.
We are still waiting on outlr 4th attempt to get verified, but to be honest we only did what I told you here this last time. Hope for the best!


Any update as how this is going because I am in the same situation. Signed up for a US Amazon seller account but somehow also got automatically enrolled for Amazon UK and account was deactivated. I have sent in all proper documentation and just waiting to get verified. Do you happen to know the time frame of how long this usually takes? I have also requested to downgrade the Amazon UK account to individual and not professional as I don’t intend to sell to that marketplace as of right now. I’m assuming once it gets verified do not close the account but put in on vacation mode. Do you happen to have Amazon UK support number so I can expedite the process. Thanks in advance.


Not just yet. Uploading a translated utility bill again now


Okay cool and sounds good. Thanks for the update. Were you able to talk directly with UK support or email only? I would like to chat with them if possible.



anything new with you I submitted further documents along with information about the whole situation, waiting for a response and maybe activation of the account. I’ll let you know. Someone managed to bring the problem to an end?


Long time seller here of many years. In the past two weeks I have gotten numerous calls and emails asking us to sell internationally. I said no or did not respond. It seems to me that there is some sort of pressure tactic happening now, because normally I have never been contacted this many times in the space of just a week or two. Hoping you all aren’t getting auto added so someone can make their numbers. Good luck.


Yes, so we hired an ex Seller Performance guy to help us write an appeal fir $425. We did and got a responce next day, but was negative.
As it turns out we may not be deactivated because of global selling whatsoever.
Three years ago I had opened a limited company and an Amazon account, and had completely forgot about it.
I never launched anything or created a listing at all, and I have no access to it right now. I haven’t closed it, i guess it got closed by default.
Now I am appealing that angle. We’ll see