Amazon auto authorize return after 69 days of delivery? Now I have to deal with A-Z


I sold a GPU on AMZ on March 15. On Mar 18th it was delivered. Fast forward May 26 I received a return authorization. I don’t know why AMZ auto authorize this with a free return label. I tried to explain to customer it is out of return policy but he return it anyways. I haven’t refunded the money yet, so now he filed A-Z. What do I do?


Amazon at its sole discretion can authorize a return way past the normal return window. I had one once that was 7 or 8 months after the order. If Amazon authorizes the return you have to accept it and refund it. It is a real bummer when that happens. Since you didn’t and the customer opened an A-Z, though, really your best option at this point is probably to try and fight the A-Z to try to prevent it from counting against your metrics. Explain that it is past the return window. I don’t know if it will do any good, but worth I try. If you refund now that he opened the A-Z, you will automatically lose the A-Z and it will count against your metrics. Good luck.


For orders placed on Amazon, most items delivered between March 1, 2020, and April 30, 2020, can now be returned until May 31, 2020.


Did not see that until last night. Thanks