Amazon anti-seller policy change requires


Amazon is currently in upper management crisis and not willing to look at fast changing society I’m talking about at least here in USA.
Amazon policy should be adjusted accordingly but they were not for many years standing strongly against sellers and always in favor of buyers.
Buyer’s community has got it and use it for profit but Amazon still playing a game to be a blind one.

Sooner or later Amazon gonna lose sellers and buyers gonna nothing to buy on Amazon.

I’m talking about certain points when Amazon completely blindly refunded 100% to the buyer debiting a seller account based on a buyer- friendly algorithm. But such algorithm was created by a human I suppose.
Another anti-seller algorithm is in charge for removing a listing after a one customer’s complaint regardless of such ASIN was sold in thousands for many years on FBA without any complications or negative feedbacks from customers. So a single voice of mentally not stable customer is in power to cross out a many years good sale history.
To reinstate a listing is almost impossible or associated with HUGE fight with Amazon algorithm or Philippines sitting employees that more likely robot-minded people.
A common sense does not work at Amazon internal team that is responsible for such kind of problems.
Amazon pro-buyer policy is standing frozen in time without changing for decades. It is not right.


i’m out , enough of amazon it is a terrible environement for seller. unable to speak to real human…


Both above customers are voicing their frustration with selling on Amazon, and I have to agree somewhat.

Have been selling on Amazon since 2003 and I can tell you it was the good old days back then!
At that time it was easier to remove feedback as there was another provided reason called “Other” (unfortunately no longer).

The worst part of doing business on Amazon is communication. The 2 main departments (Seller Support and Customer Service) have no interaction what-so-ever, one will tell you to contact the other (no transfer of information).
If you do get a real person, usually a call center in India, you will receive a select programmed reply that did not really answer your question.
Reverse of refund, after a customer finally rec’d their order and wished to refund me, was so frustrating with weekly messages that Amazon was working on it, after 2 months msgs stopped and no reversal of refund.


Indeed something terrible is going on Amazon Seller Central. I’m tired from these people from Philippines who handle 97% of seller’s inquiries. In fact, they obviously got a proper training to respond to us according to Amazon’s policy and in a vast majority of cases they just copy and paste a certain articles from such policy, nothing more. They don;'t want to read an inquiry and they cannot understand about the question.
Otherwise, if you are lucky to talk to an associate from USA location ( by phone only !) your case has 50 x50 probability to be solved in time.
What has really confused me and made me angry is Amazon’s stubborn attitude to sellers end. There is no way to reach a human brain or a substance that can substitute such tissue.
The entire mankind has changed after coronavirus, humanity was placed on the edge of survival but Amazon does not want to change its return policy.
A buyer is always right . Such statement is engraved in a stone on Amazon foundament. But now when I start receiving partially used nasal spray, throat spray, vaginal and rectal cream tubes with applicators with customers statement " damaged or does not work" (???) made me furious. Specifically provided all such units were shipped to customers from FBA. Why, why for God sake I must create a removal order for products that obviously carry viruses, bacteria and other internal human places tissues ??? Implicitly Amazon became a major COVID-19 contaminator for US population who swear to God stated home on self isolation. Such puzzle is solved for me but not for CDC officials. If Amazon accepts such pretty personal items back to its warehouses and FBA employee decided the item is in sellable condition, it’s going to another customer who is going to insert applicators to his/her “holes” without a knowledge such item was already used by a sick person.

regardless of all my efforts I put in gear for these 2 months Amazon top management remains silent. Regardless of zillion cases asking Seller Support employees to elevate my case to the level where people are friendly with a common sense and a logic and do understand about cause and effect, nobody still replied to me materially.
Customers are returning such over the counter pharmacy staff with pretty canning reasons willing to get the product and their money back.
I don’t know what to do. Any help? All of us is now at risk if we are buyers on Amazon because we don’t know who was a first used of let me say a toothpaste or a supplement tincture.


Silly question, but don’t your products have a tamper-evident seal on them? Especially products that are intended for “internal human places” and personal care?

I don’t think I’ve ever paid attention to toothpaste having a seal on it, but certainly the other products you’ve mentioned should be safety sealed and easy to identify if they’ve been previously used.




Billy Bob, Betsy Sue --the Frontline workers on Amazon returns. ----- have about six seconds to make a decision…

They are not going to be opening boxes or looking any further than does it look like it’s new… nor are they going to inventory the parts that are supposed to be in the box that came back… or possibly check applicator status ???

They just don’t have enough time…

I no longer use FBA, however it would be nice if all the returns came back to you??

Instead of having them disposed of??

Disposed of doesn’t mean going in the trash, it means the Amazon tries to eke out every tiny little bit of profit they can, by creating a gray market for those goods$???

Put on a pallet, sold as warehouse deals to someone else??

I’m sure most people that have things in the warehouse, would just like to have them returned to them, not be resold…

Not have a previously worn / used / item end up back in the sales chain to be returned again, again, again…

Amazon is pretty much the last place I would ever buy any personal care product from??

And there are usually better alternatives, e-commerce wise…

Alternatively, I do go to the grocery store, there is a 99 cent store, that has great vegetables… those places also sell Personal Care items…

I do have access to someone else’s in-house Prime account… But there is very little that I buy there??? I’m trying to think I think a couple years ago, I had them order me another postage scale, for my birthday I received a new LED replacement bulbs for the Scion , it actually is the entire housing… still not installed hard to figure out…

A rear windshield wiper replacement unit for the Scion back window… had nice links to a YouTube video, how to install, had a online instruction guide available, all these are probably not permitted by Amazon standards to be included in that’s sort of unit… made the installation quite a bit easier… one of them may have been a QR code I could scan… all package inclusions, but Amazon would frown upon…

Now I realize I live in a huge Metropolitan City in Los Angeles, there are lots of advantages to being able to have access to a myriad of places --to obtain items… … many of them within minutes of where I live…


Hadn’t considered the gray market options, which are terrifying.

Agree that there isn’t time for FBA warehouse workers to necessarily identify a used product. As a consumer, I HOPE there are safety seals on these products that would make is easy for a buyer to identify previously used items. Also the safety seals (or lack thereof) would decrease the odds that another customer is going to re-use the product of a sick person.

But I digress…yes, it’s sometimes a broken system.



Sure — there may be safety seals, however the incoming packages , there isn’t that much time, Amazon sells hundreds of thousands of items…

Do you think any of those Frontline incoming workers — have memorized where safety seals are on any of these personal care - products, or any products??..

They are all wearing masks now —they probably can’t even tell if something smells funny???


all the feedback policy is crazy - some buyer put negative simply for the fun- and it is not way to get rid of this - buyer e-mail not responding and Amazon support for sellers VERY bad


I have two books refunded without even getting the book back. I would think that is stealing. The book was described as is. This is a professional buyer so he knows the system. I can’t get any help. I want to report the buyer named Super buying and Amazon. How are they allowed to let someone keep my property. They never contacted me. I want to leave feed back so other sellers don’t deal with this crook and I can’t. This why I buy very little from Amazon. I won’t help them.cheat others


Looks like Honey-Be-Healthy is defending Amazon policy and Amazon warehouse employees. In fact, I don’t care about how many seconds an employee needs to make a decision about sellable or not the return. This is not my problem. I pay 15% from my sale + Amazon fees . My inventory is costly and small. Based on Amazon policy, for all shipping due damages made by Amazon partner carrier ( now it’s UPS only) the full responsibility is on Amazon; not on a seller, not on a buyer.
I as a seller should not be worry about ANY damages or defects found by whoever SINCE my FBA shipment was delivered, inspected and uploaded to my inventory as active. Period.
I have no control over FBA warehouse employees, their storage, time to make a decision, and everything else. I’ve paid for the shipping, I’ve paid for all FBA fees.
If Amazon is so pro-customer it should compensate them with 100% or 300% refund BUT not from my pocket, I should not be debited for such reason as “Customer Damaged”.
Honestly, what the hell does it mean ? So a customer bought my Manuka Honey MGO550+ 500 gr plastic an extremely secure against any possible damages jar ( $130.00), opened it, eat it and after that send a complaint under a standard Amazon category " Damaged or Does not work".
I wont to ask Amazon top management about HOW honey could be for God sake, damaged and specifically “does not work” ???
I always asking a customer to provide an image of “damaged or not working” item he/she complaining about and in 99% of cases they don’t respond. Nevertheless, Amazon grants a full refund without the item return( bc it is Grocery category) and debits my account for such amount. WHY ???
Amazon does not require customers to substantiate their claim for “Damaged or Does not work”. Why?
Well I can understand a case when you bought a printer or a camera or something that in fact could be theoretically damaged during transit or does not work because it was a manufacturer’s defect and to substantiate their statement about “does not work” is impossible by submitting a picture.
But in my cases I sell food and natural staff made of bee hive products for personal consumption. How the hell they might be “does not work”???
Based on my understanding and following a common sense if a customer received a broken item ( damaged) it should be reported immediately to Amazon and not after 90 days ( Amazon is okey with such term) by providing a strong evidence - a picture(s) of the defect or a damage.

Even in such case when the item was delivered damaged Amazon must be responsible for it because it was shipped from FBA warehouse by Amazon, not by me. Tell me where my logic is broken ?

A recent example about a nasal propolis spray where a mentally disturbed customer submitted a negative feedback based on " the taste was weird" please refund. After that Amazon blocked my listing and regardless of 4 professionally created appeals my listing is not reinstated.

Moreover, Amazon secret team ( internal !!!) that processes such appeals responds with a generic messages saying your appeal was denied. My appeal was narrated for 30 minutes by a Seller Support Associate located in USA, a very nice and professional lady. I have responded to all Appeal form questions with all possible improvement that a human being can promise. Nevertheless, my appeal was denied again. It is impossible to get a REASON for such denial. It makes me angry willing to sue Amazon for all my loss. It is now around $2K just for 2020.
I’m not a private seller, our company imports such products from abroad by containers. We ship such products to FBA at manufacturer’ cartons without even touching the enclosure. If something wrong with any single unit an FBA employee is reporting about it in time of the shipment checked in. (never happened for 5 years for any of SKUs) .
I’m not a private seller that bought something at Walmart and re-sell on Amazon to make $5.00 to be happy, I’m a professional nutraceutical stuff importer and distributor but Amazon does not care about it.