Amazon algorithm for page ranking....what's in it?


Can someone explain Amazon’s algorithm for search results position ranking? Specifically, whether the quantity of product reviews and/or seller feedback is part of the math. I am not talking about the number of product sales. I know there is an algorithm that calculates and ranks the search results based on various data. And I know that sales are part of it as well as Seller Performance/Feedback. I understand that positive seller feedback and product reviews influence the buyer during the selection process. However, I am asking strictly about the algorithm and a direct relationship of quantity of product reviews to search results.

I’ve completely reworked my pages re: SEO and have seen the move to 2nd and 3rd pages. However, I want to get back to first page so my previously #1 product can reclaim the loss market share it once held. Any ideas? I’m thinking I may have to solicit reviews either by contacting previous customers (and risking their wrath) and/or discount/giveaway for unbiased review (which feels like I’m buying reviews and seem wrong). I’ll play the game if I know how it’s played…


I’m FBA. Private Label Brand Registered. Own the buy box 98-100% of the time. 100% positive Seller Feedback.


And if your products don’t sell better than competitive products, your placement in the search will be after irrelevant results.

Private label products are at a major disadvantage in the Amazon search relative to major brand products


No one knows the algorithm, but I assume it has to do with sales, customer satisfaction, price, and time listed on Amazon.


It’s proprietary and Amazon doesn’t share it.anything anyone claims to know is at best an educated guess.


Hmmm. So how does one get ahead of anyone else in a private label niche category? If I was page one in search for a product that others copied and stuck their labels on and all else relatively equal (price, performance altho my seller feedback is higher, product stars), how did they get ranked before me and/or how did I fall behind? The only thing I see differently is the number of reviews. Some of my higher selling items are not showing up until page 6 and other are showing on page 2 and 3 that aren’t hot but have higher number of reviews. Those slower are behind competitors with a lot less reviews and poorer seller feedback. It just doesn’t make sense!

I guess I will try soliciting reviews and see if it makes a difference. Plus trying to find a new products that sell well. Plus more/different advertising until I see a difference. I was hoping to hear something concrete that I could pursue…

Thanks anyway.


Be first with a product. Sell up a storm. That’s what winners do.


Learn Chinese…They seem to be doing great here…


Reviews play an important part … which is why there were so many using the coupon clubs to get more.


>Kingslark wrote:
>I’m FBA. Private Label Brand Registered. Own the buy box 98-100% of the time. 100% positive Seller Feedback.
>I’ll play the game if I know how it’s played…

Maybe, you’ll play the game when you know how it’s played… not +if+…

+if+ in this case, means never… :wink:


Look out when you play the game,Amazon is watching on those who manipulate the market.


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…Item gets ranked in the top ten, masses of sellers jump on, kill the price, and then get stuck with a ton of inventory or sell it off at a loss.


I actually found the Sponsored Listings advertising to be a huge help on getting my private listings up the ranks. Since sales beget more sales and more sales get you more reviews I found the quickest way to get traction is running ads on my new listings. Keep them page one for a while and next thing you know you are showing up on page one naturally.


The real question is, what is in a hot dog…


Same thing that I do.

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