Amazon advertising API unauthorized exception


I have registered an application on Login with Amazon, I also have finished authentication step and requested campaign report of my store successfully. Then I want to try to make my application can be used by the other store. I added a “Login with Amazon” button on my website, following the step on the document, I granted user’s Authorization Code, refresh token and access token, but when I try to request user’s campaign report, I got unauthorized exception.

The HTTP request header as following:
Authorization: Bearer Atza|IQEBLjA…
Amazon-Advertising-API-ClientId: amzn1.application-oa2-client.a8358a60…
Amazon-Advertising-API-Scope: 1834670349683089580748
Content-Type: application/json

I changed my store’s access token to user’s access token as Authorization. I have no idea why it did not work. Is there anybody give me some suggestions, Thank you.


Thanks for reaching out.

While requesting for access to Amazon advertising scope, you must have received access to a JIRA account.

You can use that JIRA account to reach out to Advertising team directly for this query. Alternatively, you can reply to the onboarding email you received from Amazon advertising.


Hi Raghu,

Thanks for the quick reply. We figured out what the issue was. We mistakenly defined the scope incorrectly when we request for access, hence our access token was unauthorized for accessing advertising API. After we corrected our scope, we can now access the advertising API. Thanks for your input!