Amazon Advertising API return_url


I’ve been meaning to use the Amazon Advertising API to retrieve campaign and related data.
Following, I’ve made a security profile in Login with Amazon. Where I’m getting stuck at is the redirect_url parameter.
I’m not looking to integrate Login with Amazon into an application. Just wanting to use it as an API to retrieve data through Postman. How do I use it like this without redirect_url getting in the way?

Any help or discussion is appreciated :slight_smile:


Which API call do you see the redirect_url?


I’m trying to generate authorization code to then get access and refresh token as given in the link I mentioned


Postman can handle OAuth 2 just fine. All you need is the token from the authentication process.


Hey, thanks for the reply. But what should be my redirect_url pararmeter for the request?


If you own a URL I would use that if not you can try using not sure if they will allow that though.


Cool, thanks!