Amazon Account hacked - Bank Info changed. Money was transfer to different


My Amazon Account hacked - Bank Info changed. Money was transfer to different . Help. What can i do. I already change my password & delete that bank account number. It was from Italy.

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This has been covered by a few different posts here already, all you can do is change all your password, and contact seller support.


This is happening more and more…have you received any suspicious emails lately like the one in this thread



Read this thread:

It took the OP over a month and much heartache to get his funds back! Hopefully Amazon will be less clueless by now and it won’t be as painful for you.


Usually this is caused by phishing rather than someone hacking…

To prevent this, never click on any emails that say it’s from Amazon or fill out your Amazon password and email on anything that says it’s from Amazon and asks you in email to sign in from there…it’s usually a phishing attempt.

The most secure thing you can do is create an email address that is ONLY used to sign in to your business account and used nowhere else and given out nowhere else.

On my personal email I get notes all the time saying they are from Amazon regarding my business account and to sign in etc. I know it’s a lie because that’s not the email address on my business account; it’s an email I only use here and is private and secure.

So when I see those phishing attempts I don’t click on anything or ever believe they are from amazon…

If someone hacked Amazon they’d go into all of our accounts…if they hacked your computer, however, then start there and put a password to enter your computer and change all your passwords and get a virus protector. However, usually they get in by sending out an email that looks official, says it’s from amazon, then asks you to click or sign in from that email…you sign in and it goes to their account telling them what you just used to sign in…does not go to Amazon because it’s not really from Amazon. They then have your sign on info and sign on themselves and get into your account and change your info.


Stories like this are why I switched to two step authentication.


THe new two-step verifcation is good imo… I have been using it and I think it adds a tough level of security on your account… I recommend signing up for this, its worth the little bit of extra effort


There is an email scam thru Amazon Message Center that I reported this week. The person claims they ordered from you and they are tired of waiting for their package and answer. They threaten to turn you in to Amazon and give you a low score. So they are tiring to frustrate you into clicking the supposed Amazon invoice. When you ask them for an order number or their name, the send you an executable program file. We did not fall for this. I know it was a trojan or something. I am rather shocked that Amazon’s filters allowed this type of file to be delivered thru the system.




I think most hacking attempts would stop dead in their tracks if two step verification is added.

When the password is provided to the fake login in site it wont do the two step verification of a sending a text to you.

When the hacker attempts to login…you will know you are being hacked on the spot and if you don’t verify they get no access.

Everyone should add it to their account.

Here more info on it: [About two step verifucation|]

Here is the link to add it: [Turning on two step verification |]


Same exact situation with us. The bank account was changed to an account in Italy as our transfer was sent. I’ve contacted support and hope they can take care of things.


Same thing happened to us. The bank account was changed to an account in Slovsky as our transfer was sent. I’ve contacted seller support and hope they can take care of things. It has been 48 hours since I reported this fraud, but haven’t heard back from Amazon. I’m not sure if Amazon could help get my funds back.


Two step authentication only takes 5 minutes to setup and every time I read one of these threads about someone’s account getting hacked I am so glad I took the 5 minutes out of my day to set it up.

For anyone who hasn’t, don’t wait until your account gets hacked. Setup the two step authentication right now. STOP READING THIS THREAD and do it right now. Then come back and finish. If you have the time to read the forums you have the time to set it up. Just think about how much time and effort and headaches you will have to go through if someone does hack you seller account.

Millions of Yahoo and gmail account passwords are available online for sale at around $2 an account. How difficult do you think it is for these data mining hackers to connect your email with your seller account. Once they discover you have a seller account all they have to do is reset your password, change your banking info and BAM! You lost your account and then you notice thousands of items selling under your name which you don’t carry and then BAM! your account is suspended.

Not worth the nightmare. Get two step today!


An update. Lucky for us, the funds bounced and never made it into the foreign bank account. Set up Two Step Authentication. It’s the only guaranteed way to prevent this from happening.

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