Am I being scammed? Trademark Filing


Last month I hired a company I found sponsored on googled that specializes in trademark filings. The company is called Trademark Falcon. I paid them $99 plus $550 (for two classes) to file my trademark. After they filed with the USPTO, I saw that only one class was filed but the invoice they sent me was for two classes. In addition all the information on the application has my name and address but the details of the trademark company in all the contact fields. After I contacted them about the discrepancy, I got an email saying :

"Your issue of charging you $550 but your application is not reflecting is the delay in processing from USPTO it will be there before the attorney examiner is assigned so in the next 15 20 days you can still check your application it will be reflecting you, 2 classes.

The last issue of your contact details not showing up is to protect our customers from the OPEN DATA policy of USPTO, anybody and everybody can access your contact information you will be receiving multiple scams and calls 24x7 even after the confirmation of your Trademark not only that the frequency of cease and desist letter as well. In case you need us to update your details we can do that too, all you need to do is to request an amendment and it will be done. "

The company claims to be in Cali but they logged into my Amazon account to register my brand from a location in Pakistan under the implication that they have a “relationship” with Amazon and will have my brand registered between 15-20 days after the application is live on the USPTO website. I paid them $400 additional for this gauranteed service but it looks like they just hustled me out of the $275 for the additional class filing and this $400 expedited brand registry service that they offer.

Does anyone have any input on whats going on here? This is my first time going through this process and it has been almost two months since I first started dealing with this company.


Why would you let someone log into your amazon account to file a trademark?


Honestly, it was ignorance on my part because I didnt know the process for a 3rd party to file on your behalf. Regardless, I see all they did was file for a brand (without pictures) the same as I could of done on my own, not through any special expedited process. I have since changed my passwords.


Something sounds fishy if they asked for access to your account, there is no need for that to file a trademark.


the reason for them to log into my account was under the guise of filing the brand registry application. They told me they have a relationship with amazon because they are a trademark company and so the application would be approved within 15-20 todays (kind of like the ip accelerator program). I had no reason to doubt them being this is my first time and the trademark application was indeed filed with the government but not they are starting to smell fishy.


Yeah, be cautious who you link to your account and give access to in the future.


I’ve gotten a lot of trademarks, either through attorneys or I’ve just done it myself on the uspto site; it doesn’t require anyone else to do it for you, so in the future just go play around there and do it yourself.

It sounds like these people are trying to say that they have control over your trademark because they filed it for you? Is this correct? If so, yes, they are scammers. Do everything in your power to get control of your trademark, get them out of your account, and learn your lesson.


Hopefully you won’t get one of those “your account has been linked to another amazon account” letters. Amazon accounts are considered “high real estate” these days. Be very careful when dealing with account access.


Don’t forget to make sure your banking information hasn’t changed on Amazon. Change your password as a precaution. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t just the beginning of identity theft. As a precaution, I would change my banking information to. This could easily go beyond Amazon.


Everything worked out but this was fishy. Got my brand registered today!


I did also used trademark Falcon, I do not believe they are scam, they do provide legit service.
I used their service and filed my 4 different trademark names by them and they did file it.


I’ve also recently filed for trademark through trademark Falcon. They also charged me for two classes but on USPTO website I can see only one class for my trademark. I’ve contacted them to clarify. Overall they look legit but seems like they try to fool people around charging for two marks, whereas they actually file for one. I’ll update here when they responded to my email.