All LEGO Brands Restricted?


Most of the things that are blocked are only blocked for New, you can still list as Collectible so it’s not like they won’t allow it to ever be listed again.


And they will never sell under collectible. There is also some confusion with the condition guidelines as to whether that is allowed


That said,

I do wish they take a more active role is supply line intercept of these items in the FBA. One thought would be to start selective RFID of incoming packages of accounts flagged by Amazon for potential and track returns/complaints of those individual items. That’s a surgical strike option that could work easily and nicely in the QA arena.


Whoever that site is, they steal data and they didn’t compose that list. I know the group that list came out of, because there’s a particular peculiar typo the site exactly duplicated. I dislike sites that steal information and pass it off as their own.


Had this site bookmarked for a while and check it yesterday…there were none of the new restrictions…checked today and there are quite a few of them with the new charges added…they did not add them to the master list already on the site…but created a new possible list. I believe some of these brands listed were previously restricted but it looks like Amazon is now adding a charge

Did not use it as a linked as I think it will get removed

This is what they are saying

+Amazon Restricted Brands List+

+Recently, Amazon has been emailing sellers with brand restriction notices involving many brands in a number of categories. So many, in fact, that a number of “experts” have predicted the end of third-party sellers on the platform, the end of Arbitrage, and more.+

+While we at Seller Essentials do not claim to know what the final outcome will be, we are reluctant to add every brand to our list at this time, since the restrictions are not affecting every seller, and some have reported that the restrictions were lifted after a few days.+

+Until we get a better handle on what exactly is happening, we will make a separate list that contains all of the brands that are being restricted at Amazon during this time. If the restriction is lifted, we will remove the brand from our list. If it is not lifted after a period of time, we will add the brand to the main list.+

+We hope that helps in you your search for current and up-to-date information. Please continue to check back at for updates as we continue to watch this unfold. Thank you.+

+New Restricted Brands+
+Adidas ($1500)+
+Asics ($1500)+
+Brightz, LTD.+
+Funko ($1000)+
+Hasbro ($1000)+
+HP ($1000)+
+LG ($1000)+
+Kitchen Aid+
+Lego ($1000)+
+OXO Good Grips ($1000)+
+Microsoft ($1000)+
+Pokemon ($1000)+
+Nike ($1500)+
+Paw Patrol+
+Procter Silex+
+Shopkins ($1000)+
+Sony ($1000)+
+Anastasia Beverly+
+Under Armour ($1000)+
+Star Wars ($1500)+
+Little Tikes+


Sorry didn’t mean to offend…didn’t know that…but still think the info is useful. Maybe you can give the group proper credit.


I recognize it too from the 3P Community group on Facebook. That’s the best place to get AZ info so I guess it makes sense that the gurus hang out there stealing stuff.


3P Community group on Facebook


Double clicked


Can you post the name of the group? I’d like to join.


Bumped because I still think this information is useful.

Also I think Frozen and/or Disney Princess is also gated.

Thanks for the Facebook Group info.


Marilyn it turns out that site (Seller Essentails) stole nothing…maybe they are sharing?..because the list you referred to as the original list…specifically names Seller Essentials as the source of info for some of the brands on the “original list”.


I know but it wasn’t on that list


Frozen has been gated for about 2-3 years now.


The list I put up was only the new ones…that are still under question …they have a second list of brands that are already “proven” that includes Frozen plus 100 others from all categories.


Frozen has been gated for over two years.


I received my brand restriction email days ago but can’t seem to pull up any listings that give me the approval button that I need. The email stated that if I did not have approval by Aug. 30th that they would delete my listings. I have opened up a case to find a way to get the approval but Seller Support does not seem to understand - I even attached a screen shot of the email sent to me which explains it pretty clearly - still no help.

Can I impose on one of you to see if you can try to list a particular product and see if you get the listing limitation button for new product. I cannot find any restrictions yet they are telling me I need approval. The company is Solmate Socks.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Did anyone help you with this? I am not doing much right now if you want me to look.

I can’t list any of the Solmate Socks. However, I am also not ungated for the clothing category. When I click to submit approval, it just wants to know about my inventory (assuming I was to sell there). Hope this helps*

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Well, Amazon told us at the conference they were going to start enforcing brand protections.

I’m pretty sure most of the women thought the same thing I did, which was, “Oh good! Protection for +my+ brand!” :slight_smile:

If you think this is clunky and ill-timed, consider this is coming from the same company that didn’t put bathrooms in their conference center.


I’ don’t know about that…this seems to be a deliberate attempt to whittle down the number of 3ps.

From all I read 3ps are roughly 50% of Amazon’s sales…This new tactic will eliminate many if not most small sellers and leave only the bigger sellers…and it will drastically slow growth of new 3ps. I think it will be too much to overcome for your plan to work.