All LEGO Brands Restricted?


Hello All,

As of last night it seems all LEGO brands are restricted… I called seller central support to see what the issue is. They tried to add LEGO’s to another Amazon account (as a test) and they where able to add the LEGO the 1st time, but the 2nd time they got the same ‘restricted’ message.

Amazon told me I need to now apply to be approved to sell LEGO’s. Is anybody else facing the same issue?



Let the fun begin … (not really)

I suspect MANY Brands, as I believe has been mentioned in some threads, will need approval to sell.

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BTW - Has Amazon offered to help you get ungated for a fee ???


Many toy brand have become restricted in the last 48 hours.

(Tell me again how I was wrong about RA…they won’t outlaw it, they will just make all the major brands restricted with wholesale only invoices and expensive application fees). Don’t believe me? Go try listing Funko.

And if you think I’m happy about it, you’re wrong. We do LTH collectibles toys, this kills us.


It’s not only maddening, it’s expensive. They’re charging $1000-$5000 non refundable per brand. On low margin brands it doesn’t make sense.


All we know is some sellers are getting brand restrictions and being told to apply, with hefty application fees attached. We know it started yesterday. We know it has not hit every seller on a particular brand, at least not yet.

We don’t know how fast, how far or how deep it will roll out. We don’t know if there will be grandfathering.

That’s all we know at the moment.


Can someone post a copy of this letter or any information on this situation? We have a fairly wide offering of toys. So far we aren’t restricted from listing anything. I have done a few test runs and items listed OK on the brands mentioned in this post. We have also been listing a lot of items for the past few weeks in the toy category with no issue. Might just mean they haven’t cycled to our account yet or maybe we got grandfathered in (fingers crossed :))

Just trying to prepare…

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This is the way it will be - but unfortunately the Amazon Team members that give approval are not properly trained and have too much authority to deny a sellers application to ungate an ASIN.
Plus, the amount of time it takes is MADDENING! to say the least.
I believe that the JL sellers were the last straw on the open architecture we all enjoy on this platform - those days are over!
Amazon needs to revamp the approval process and communication if this is going to work.

This is one step closer to Amazon pushing the small 3P out the window (small, I mean 10Million YR sales and under).
They just have to do this as it is a money losing operation and cull the seller support team as we all KNOW that most have no idea what they are talking about.


OK thanks. If any one gets anything clear cut on this please post here. If we hear anything we will post here as well. Almost 10 years here and we have learned that Amazon changes can sneak up on you out of the blue at any time.


Sorry for my ignorance, but what does LTH stand for?


LTH=Long Term Hold


I read on another group about this, they all used LEGO 75916 to test it out, most everyone who tried to list it got the retriction, including myself.

I have tried before to get a wholesale LEGO account but they said I had to buy a huge amount to get an account and that they had no distributors. I just assumed that it was a dead end. Does anyone know if it is true that no distributors carry LEGO?


LTH = Leave This Hell


LTH=Less Than HopedFor


Well, I guess we all have the overseas counterfeiters to thank for this h*ll that is just beginning and will make a lot of items out of reach for even B &M or wholesale buyers.

I can see charging a vetting fee but thousands just for producting fatory direct invoices that would take 30 seconds to review??? Sounds like something BM stores would cheer since it is iternet-killing.

I would imagine that is going to drive a LOT of business to other sites.


This is especially true if you consider that the Lego listings on Amazon that remain are likely to skyrocket in price.


I don’t mind so much. I have longed for a tighter restriction on the newbie wannabe armchair millionaires. A $1000 fee sure puts an end to them. But non-refundable? Ummm. Maybe refundable after approval would work better.


Lego is one of the most tightly controlled sales channels in the industry.


I can’t list it as new either…it only gives me the option of Collectible-Like New


It’s not just a restriction on the newbies…it is a restriction on all sellers. I am a small seller since 2006 no way I can pull this off. …if it is indeed non-refundable and is for every brand.


I got one of these emails from Amazon services just this morning concerning getting an approval for a brand that I sell…the email gave me directions to try to add in a new product from the company and then click on the link where it says approval needed. I tried to enter in a new SKU that we hadn’t listed yet and it just went ahead to the normal add details page…no restrictions at all. So I am stumped…they say I only have a short time to get the new approval yet there is no way for me to get this. I already got an email from this brand granting me the approval but I can’t find the application process.

As for the application fee I am curious as to if the high dollar amount that they state is actually true. I would be willing (not happy tho) to pay a fee like this on some of the other brands we carry because we sell a lot. BUT, as for this company I got the email for it is just a tiny bitty company that to pay even the lesser of $1000.00 in fees it would not be worth it.

This new policy is going to help get rid of a lot of the counterfeiters, retail arbitage etc. but it is also going to hurt those of us who have legitimate business relationships with companies that do brand registry but allow us to sell their product on Amazon.