ALL FBA shipments suspended until April 5th


Amazon has suspended FBA shipment creation until April 5th. (unless you sell virus lockdown supplies).

See “US Announcements” in the seller forum.
Here is the cut and paste…

We are closely monitoring the developments of COVID-19 and its impact on our customers, selling partners, and employees.

We are seeing increased online shopping, and as a result some products such as household staples and medical supplies are out of stock. With this in mind, we are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and deliver these products to customers.

For products other than these, we have temporarily disabled shipment creation. We are taking a similar approach with retail vendors.

This will be in effect today through April 5, 2020, and we will let you know once we resume regular operations. Shipments created before today will be received at fulfillment centers.

You can learn more about this on this Help page . Please note that Selling Partner Support does not have further guidance.

We understand this is a change to your business, and we did not take this decision lightly. We are working around the clock to increase capacity and yesterday announced that we are opening 100,000 new full- and part-time positions in our fulfillment centers across the US.

We appreciate your understanding as we prioritize the above products for our customers.

Thank you for your patience, and for participating in FBA.


Hmmm. That is at least a 3-week pause in restocking FBA inventory. Notice that they do not say shipments will resume on April 5, but that they will let us know when they start accepting shipments again. That can hurt some sellers. It looks like people in some categories will have to ship FBM for the foreseeable future.

I sell in the Grocery category, which is a household staple, so I should still be able to send shipments. And “high demand” is right – my sales are up over 1,000% over the same week last year.


We can still do seller fulfilled prime, is that correct?


Yes. This only effects fba

Their warehouses r getting backed up. They r going to hire 100,000 temporary workers but that will take time to hire and train


From the help page:

What products am I able to ship to FBA?

We are prioritizing household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and deliver these products to customers. Most of the products we are accepting at this time are in the below categories.

1. Baby Products
2. Health & Household
3. Beauty & Personal Care (including personal care appliances)
4. Grocery
5. Industrial & Scientific
6. Pet Supplies

These categories encompass a huge swath of products, so many sellers will not be effected. However I note that they do not say that all products within these categories will be accepted, just that most products being accepted are in them.


They will still receive items in transit to Amazon right? I mean… Cant help that it is already on its way…


In the mean time my bestsellers will run out of stock and fall off the ranking spot they currently have. By the time I can ship and restock it will be around a month from now.


Yes, if the shipment has already been created you are fine. You do not even have to have shipped it yet.


Cut-off date is March 17th for the shipment to be created…

as soon as the announcment was made about 10 million Chinese sellers were creating shipping plans today

That’s why I received this wonderful message:

Inbound Performance Alert – Shipment. Your shipment abilities have been temporarily suspended because of repeated problems. You can reinstate your ability to create or modify shipments only after reviewing and acknowledging the problem(s).

I guess the “repeated problems” consisted of me trying to get a bit of bandwidth from the hordes of China sellers


Is this true or false? No official announcement


It is true. Try to create a new FBA shipment… This is crazy!!!


I have noticed the same issue when trying to create a shipment into UK / EU today 17/03/2020. Cant find any news announcements? any advise appreciated (apols if I have missed an announcement) Thanks


The OP copied the notice from the news section in seller central so it is official.


My first experience of a global crisis in business. It is a tough one. While some are spiking high, some will have a boom drop. Im sitting with my stationery and office supplies for days. No orders. What a painful lesson to learn…


Translation: We are not going to let seller support bungle this too.

IMHO, it is a good sign when somebody at one Amazon silo finally publicly admits that seller support cannot be trusted with relaying important information.



Link: Prioritize TOYS CATEGORY products next

COVID-19 forced millions of kids to stay at home. Public and private schools are closed.

kids, especially young kids, are left home with little to occupy them.

That’s why in the last few days we saw a huge increase in orders for toys.

Families were not prepared for this.

Moms need toys urgently to occupy kids, this is important physically and emotionally for both, kids and the parents.

We ask Amazon to prioritize toy products and allow them to come into the fulfillment centers


So will we be punished by Amazon in our stats because they will not be doing FBA?


A few weeks ago, I received this info (some asked I not share this, which is ok, not digestible)

Now the present: Anything that makes Amazon a better market, is all fair play.


I have some FBA orders from 4 days that are still not being shipped. Is this normal, or it is due to the current situation?