All Calls to GetEligibleShippingServices return "ForbiddenRequestBlocked: The request was blocked because it is forbidden."


Starting about two weeks ago, all calls to get freight quotes via GetEligibleShippingServices for Seller Fulfilled Prime Orders returned the following xml:

<xml version="1.0"?>
<ErrorResponse xmlns="">
        <Message>The request was blocked because it is forbidden.</Message>
    <RequestID>[request-id redacted]</RequestID>

Prior to this error, we were able to use our developer account to get freight quotes without issue for a seller who had authorized us to use their account. I can’t find anything about this cryptic error message on Google or elsewhere on the forums. Help?


From your description it looks like your developer account lost access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Amazon has stated that based on the answers provided through the Developer Assessment Template you access may be set to “General Role” which in turn means you lose all access to make calls to Merchant Fulfillment.

You may want to look for an email from Amazon stating something about filling out a “Developer Registration and Assessment” form.


Yes, that is certainly the case. Part of losing access to PII is losing access to the Buy Shipping interface – which is colossally stupid if you ask me, if Amazon wants volume users to use its service, but then Amazon amirite?

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Fantastic thanks for the quick response. I’ll pursue the route of re-filing the Developer Registration and Assessment form. Thanks again!


My theory is that your developer keys have simply expired, because they probably didn’t renew the seller central subscription, which is required to operate the MWS.

When you lose PII, you just don’t get it in the results, but it doesn’t throw ForbiddenRequestBlocked.


So I’m wrong that losing PII means losing access to the Buy Shipping API? I don’t think so. “Forbidden” would be appropriate.

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I am actually not sure about Buy Shipping API part.

I was just using my spidey sense of the original post and general problems with MWS API access.

Just something to check.

I would do a quick check via Amazon MWS Scratchpad and make a call to Sellers / GetServiceStatus API endpoint and if that fails then credentials are bust. If that works, then it is most likely PII issue, or a general Amazon bug.


Actually the GetServiceStatus always returns Green even without credentials.


Ya, that’s a valid point, forgot about that!

Then use Seller / ListMarketplaceParticipations request to check.