After closely reviewing your Handmade listings, we have decided that you may no longer sell on Amazon Handmade


I was like you, I was suspended on July 11, after that I sent all the information, but I still haven’t received any answers yet. I think there are many people who fall into this case, so the evaluation will take a long time.


Yes, I did yesterday that I may now continue to sell on Handmade. My first notice of review was in the middle of June.


middle of June. now reply you ?


That reviews take a month or more is average on Amazon for all sellers. Given how tiny the Handmade staffing is, if a sizeable group was suspended at the same time, it will take at least that long.

Good luck, everyone :four_leaf_clover:


Then you did not receive a reply from mid-June to yesterday? , can you sell your goods from mid-June to yesterday?


My items were always available to sale. They never removed my products. I received notification June 18.
(we found that one or more of your listings does not meet Amazon’s Handmade Listing Policy.)
I provided the response and work place photos the same day. I did not hear anything, until July 23.


Not as big of a loss as those that are truly making stuff by hand are taking when others are gaming the system.

Kudos to amazon for acting upon this.

With out seeing photos of your products all one can do is assume they are production items gaming the system and that is why amazon took them down.


To Skeeter
As you can see in this post and others, at lease 2 handmade sellers were suspended on June and then after appealing got their handmade qualification back after a week and more than a month.
So all the handmade sellers who were suspended are discussing in all these posts is NOT Is it right amazon suspend the handmade sellers they suspect. I think we all agree with amazon shut down the fake handmade seller.
What we are discussing and worrying is why amazon need so long to review some obvious handmade products, why they cannot be more effective and efficient? Why mistakenly suspend the true handmade seller? And what we are doing is good for other handmade seller even they are not suspended. Since if amazon can suspend the handmade more carefully, the mistake will be avoided, if amazon handmade team works effective and efficient, that means in the future true handmade seller’s BIG loss can be avoided.


Finally, I receive message from amazon handmade, I can continue to offer the item on Amazon Handmade. But I think it still need 1-2 days to active all the products. Now they are still inactive.


When did you get a reply, can all products continue to be sold? Are there any other restrictions?


I received the reply 2 hours ago.I was registered back to handmade. But I think it still need 1-2 days to update my listing, they are still inactive now. I opened a case to handmade to make sure they are going to reactive them.


I am pleased to hear you got reply and can continue to sell on amazon handmade. I am still waiting for the answer after sending photo of my workplace and all required information on July 11th. My shop was closed for review on July 11th. How long does it take to receive the answer?


My shop is just a manual category and cannot be sold. The account is not closed. I can sell the goods under the normal category and I have not received a reply. I don’t know when I can have a result. Can’t your store sell any goods? Can it be sold without a manual class?


My handmade was suspended on July 11 too. It took me 4 hours to write the appeal email back to handmade. One of my friends got his reply too today. So I guess you’ll receive message from handmade soon.


Hello, I would like to know if your products have been actived now please?


No, I didn’t get any reply, most of my products can’t be sold.


Yes, they are all active now. Yesterday I opened a case to handmade to make sure they were going to fix the inactive listing. But before they replied, I figured it out myself. I just need to click edit listing and do nothing then save. They will be active. But most of the FBA products still need handmade’s help to add handmade feature back to the product, or else they will be stranded. By opening the case, handmade respond very quickly. It’s big contrast to reviewing our appeal.
And I have a handmade account on .uk, which is suspended on July 11 too. This account still have not received the reply. The appeal email for .com was sent 1 hour earlier than .uk. I think handmade need more time to review all the email we sent.
That’s all the information I know. I can understand how anxious the feeling is, but don’t give up.


Thank you so much for your reply, it helps a lot, and so happy that you’ve figured it out about the active listing, I think your UK handmade account will be back soon, they just need time


My account has been restored


When did you send the appeal email? I am still waiting for the reply. I hope I can get soon.