Advice Please!


Hi. Hoping for some advice. Maybe even from an Amazon moderator if possible. My feedback was 100%. Then a buyer gave me a 1 rating. He said my “like new” book arrived in horrible shape. The cover was full of “something shiny”, and the book was “a mess.” I answered very politely and said that I would never send in a book in that condition. That the book was like new when I sent it in to Amazon. I said something must have happened to it during shipment and to please contact Amazon for a refund. Amazon actually labeled the reason for the return as “customer damaged.” I’ve seen where others have gotten these kinds of feedback taken off because Amazon didn’t fault the seller. So I went to the page and requested a review. It’s been weeks and I haven’t gotten a reply from Amazon nor has the feedback been taken off. I can’t ask for another review because they made it clear my account will be suspended if I do. Do you think the request didn’t go through and that’s why I haven’t gotten a reply? Shouldn’t it be wiped off since Amazon themselves said it was “customer damaged” and not my fault? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


You have requested a removal and that is all you can do.

It is best to move on


Thank you for your reply. I was afraid of that. It’s not fair that they labeled it customer damaged but havn’t wiped out the feedback. Oh well - I will have to move on like you say.


Not saying it’s fair.


Nothing any different than all other sellers on the site go through sooner or later. Selling used books, hopefully you add many photos to your listing to support what you are offering.:train2: