Advertising API invalid_scope issue


My purpose is to download the advertising report,
but I encounter Advertising API issue on below step 4 of Authorization,
When I access below my url, I should get the authorization code but get error message‘error_description=An+unknown+scope+was+requested&error=invalid_scope’ rather than the authorization code .
by the way, this account also is the seller account and has approvaled the advertising API access,
what should I do?

Amazon advertising API url:


same issue. Following


same, “An unknown scope was requested”, any help?


Thank you for reaching out.

While requesting for access to Amazon advertising scope, you must have received access to a JIRA account.

You can use that JIRA account to reach out to Advertising team directly for this query. Alternatively, you can reply to the onboarding email you received from Amazon advertising.


I’m having the exact same issue, is there any news about this?


I’ve found the solution. Upon getting access to the API, you should have received some emails, one of those is called “advertising-api-onboarding” (or something among those lines). In that email you should see a line referring to “Accept the license agreement”, this is the important part, you need to go to that URL in order to accept the license agreement and “whitelist” your api clients (if you’ve already created one). Once this is done you should be able to login again.

Hope this helped somebody.

Also, for those interested, I’m developing (still in BETA) a PHP SDK for the Amazon API (v1, v2 and v3) here: