Advertised Products Sales Report API (Advertising API)


Hi all,

Could you help us to find the correct endpoint to extract below fields.

Basically, we want to extract the daily advertised products sales report.

We tried from this URL but didn’t get success to extract all the fields as from the report generated from backend.

Note : We have successfully configured Oauth 2 protocol and also we are able to pull Profiles endpoint.

Fields which we require in our report.

Portfolio name


Campaign Name

Ad Group Name

Advertised SKU

Advertised ASIN



Click-Thru Rate (CTR)

Cost Per Click (CPC)


7 Day Total Sales

Total Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS)

Total Return on Advertising Spend (RoAS)

7 Day Total Orders (#)

7 Day Total Units (#)

7 Day Conversion Rate

7 Day Advertised SKU Units (#)

7 Day Other SKU Units (#)

7 Day Advertised SKU Sales

7 Day Other SKU Sales

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