Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


That is what I did do, but then they sent the email a few posts up from here. So, I revised it to SS number (since that is what is on the IRS forms as a disregarded entity) and Name which also there. I am surprised they let you use your EIN. Maybe that is from the different way Amazon has treated this years before I started (09/2017).


In the exact same boat as you. I remember trying to get through the updated tax area without putting in my name and it kept throwing back errors until I put my name and my social security number. This is what it says down farther in the Tax Interview.

“In general, the name on the “Name” line must be the name shown on the income tax return used to report the income and should never be the name of a disregarded entity. For single-member LLCs, enter the first and last name, or the legal entity name of the owner.” (all single member LLCs are disregarded entities)

My guess is the people that got through without putting in their personal information and only business info are filling out the interview wrong. If you pick Business then pick LLC down lower and then S Corp, C Corp or Partnership, pretty sure it will let you submit the form even if you aren’t an S Corp, C Corp or Partnership.


@SEAmod…BUMP for hopeful clarification


This is the email I received after emailing

<< Greetings from,

My name is Dani and I’m a member of the Executive Seller Relations Team. Jeff Bezos received your email and requested that I research this issue and respond on his behalf.

I understand that you have questions about a new change to the Seller Profile pages that will be implemented on September 1, 2020. Amazon is implementing this new feature where the Seller’s business address will now show on the Seller’s profile on the sales marketplace. This feature will allow Sellers and Brand Owners to share more about their businesses through their profile pages. This feature also allows Buyers to learn more about the businesses they purchase from.

Sellers do have the ability to add additional information beyond the business name and address if they wish. It is advised however, to not add a phone number or email address to help prevent abuse and spam. Amazon requests that Buyers and Sellers utilize the Buyer-Seller Messaging system within the Amazon platform for communication.

If you need to update your information, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to your Amazon seller account.

  2. In the Settings menu at the top right corner of Seller Central, click Account Info to view the Seller Account Information page.

  3. In the Business Information section, click the links for the information that you want to view.

  4. To change your business name, click Display Name and to change the address, click Business Address. Enter the new information or edit the current information.

  5. Once completed, click Submit to save.

I hope you have a nice day.

Best regards,

Dani M. Executive Seller Relations

Thanks for contacting Seller Relations.>>


So it doesn’t seem like it is the Legal Entity information, it’s just the business address, which is easy to change and maybe the Display Name? Sounds like it in the email.


Hopefully it will work that way. That makes 2 out of 3 saying it will be the Display Name.

How can I get the .MX website to use Display Name rather than what Amazon has for Legal Entity?

If that can’t be fixed, how can I opt out of .MX and .CA entirely? I don’t sell into those marketplaces at all. I see nowhere that I can kill it.


The only thing I saw about getting rid of MX was turn on your vacation setting for it. So on the MX site, it shows your legal entity not your business address?




Do you mean like this? image

Mine has always been set like this. It still shows the storefront on the .MX website with Legal Entity name (which is my first and last name, according to Amazon).

Amazon's new privacy rule

That response just regurgitates the original announcement which is wrong.

It is NOT the display name - it’s either name under business address or the name under legal entity.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with the display name.

From what I can see on the .mx site it is whatever is in the legal entity name field for businesses whether they be sole props or corps


I took a look on the .mx site and it definitely displays the name in the legal entity section


Mine doesn’t show up in the .mx site so I can’t check, but if you change your business name under the business address part, does that change it on the .mx site?


The name that displays for the business pulls from the name line under legal entity and the address pulls from the business address section

This is the case for both .mx and the uk site so I assume this will also be the case for the US site.

I don’t see why they would do this any differently as they did mention in the announcement that it would be consistent with Mexico, Europe and Japan.

It wouldn’t make any difference to change the name under business address as it doesn’t pull from there for companies.

Do you have a unified account ie with Mexico and Canada?


Just Canada.


You don’t get it. I have no problem with any of my CUSTOMERS having this info. The problem is any nut case now has this information. I already get the occasional rant from a random bored crazy through Contact the seller. They don’t even reference a product or ask anything. Just rant about whatever. Now they have my address!
These are crazy unprecedented times -people are getting desperate & the crazies crazier.


Are we still not clear what Amazon will be pulling when it generates the public facing business address? I found out the cost of a UPS box for the year and its pretty affordable considering the peace of mind of not having my home address listed. Where things sound unclear for most, is does it pull the Name from Display Name or Legal Entity? A PO/UPS box will achieve nothing in my case if my real name is still displayed as I’m looking to separate my home/family from my selling hobby. This is just a privacy concern with a desire to keep my hobby separate from my private life.


No. It shows the Legal Entity name.


This is a VERY BAD policy change. My personal information will now be on display to the world. Will Amazon pay to protect my personal property or pay for damages?


What do you have shown for Legal Entity? That is likely what will show to the public.

Though two out of three communications from Amazon say it will be the Display Name (which is the same as your storefront name), in other countries this is where Amazon uses the Legal Entity, which is the name used for taxes, whether that is your C Corp., S Corp., or your first and last name (your name appears for a Single Member LLC which is a disregarded entity according to the IRS).


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