Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


which for most sole props is one and the same


Sure, if you dont have a business then what else would people like done? This is not a catch 22. If you did not do anything to separate yourself from your business, then that’s what you have to deal with. I find it odd for people to think they can just hide behind Amazon’s name.

What I said above goes for this as well


@papyrophilia, I don’t see a page like the one you’ve posted.

I went to my buyer’s account and removed all the mailing addresses there (my buyer and seller accounts are linked)except for the one bearing my Display Name and PO Box address.

On my seller account settings I only see the Business Address link (which is what I’m fine with, display name + po box) and the Business Entity link (which has my home address and LLC name).

What am I missing? and can you help? Please.


The Seller Central images in my post upthread are from Settings > Account Info > Business address.

In your case, it sounds like you are satisfied with what is displayed in Business Address, but for anyone who is not, I’m having #funwithgraphics tonight.

My Business Entity also has my home address, but I’m hopeful :crossed_fingers: that this does not need to be altered and is not what Amazon meant, due to the fact that there is only this pointer for changing the to-be-displayed details:

I do not think that you are missing anything, @NoraCharles…and I hope that helps a bit. :sweat_smile:

What information will be displayed next month for sellers?

Yes, thank you, @papyrophilia, it does! And is most reassuring. Fingers crossed here, as well.


Completely agree. The display of address makes sense for actual bigger business that want more brand awareness and traffic to their store but not for individuals that are selling from home and paying for FBA. I understand the transparency aspect but there are also many individuals that are selling on Amazon that do not own a physical store and they should not be forced to display their personal information. Amazon should make this optional for sellers as they have access to that information if needed. There is nothing wrong or fishy with that. The safety of sellers should not be compromised and Amazon should be understanding with sellers for that.


in terms of whats displaying, I read somewhere on amazons help pages that older accounts have a slightly different display under that section. I’ll try to find a link to that when I get a chance


Does anyone here actually listen? No one is forcing you to use your personal information. You dont need to be a big business to separate your personal information. It costs less than $100 to have a registered agent.


Though I have a legally created LLC and an EIN, Amazon uses my name, not the LLC name as the Legal Entity. I guess this is consistent with how the IRS treats the Single-Member LLC. They display my name on the .MX website, and that is probably what they will have on .COM.

I would rather that Amazon display the name of the LLC than displaying my first and last name, just as I expect they will display the street address of the business PO box, rather than my home address.


Amazon DOES force you to use your personal information if you have a Single-Member LLC that is a disregarded entity according to the IRS. When I setup my Amazon seller account, I used my EIN and the name of the LLC. Amazon rejected that, and said it had to be my first and last name and social security number.

In order to not have my first and last name as the Business Entity, it appears that I would have to change the tax structure of my LLC to a corporation.


I would think about updating your entity information then because I did the same thing without any issue. My business name is listed, not my personal name


Are you setup as a Single-Member LLC and treated by the IRS as a disregarded entity?




How did you do it? This is what Amazon sent to me at the time:

Hello from Amazon,

It has come to our attention that the tax identity information provided for your seller account does not exactly match IRS records. To ensure compliance with Amazon’s 1099-K policy, please provide your tax identity information within 30 days from the date of this e-mail. If you have not provided corrected tax identity information by that time, your Amazon selling privileges will be suspended.

To help protect the security of your tax identification information, do not respond to this e-mail with your tax identity information or share it over the phone.

Enter your tax identity information using the short interview process available in your seller account. From the Settings tab, select Account Info and then click Edit in the Legal Entity section. Note that this interview can only be accessed by the primary user of your seller account.

Note: If you are completing the tax identity information as an individual, use the information that appears on your Social Security card. If you are completing the tax identity information as a business, use the name that appears on your CP575A notice from the IRS. Please remember that misspelling your name, not including your middle initial or middle name, or entering an incorrect Tax Identification Number may cause tax identity information to not match to IRS records.

For additional information about entering your tax identity information, search on “1099k” in seller Help to see answers to frequently asked questions.

Learn more about the regulations and Form 1099-K at the IRS website:

http [redacted]

Important Notice: Information in this document does not constitute tax, legal, or other professional advice. To find out how this new legislation will affect your business, or if you have other questions, please contact your tax, legal, or other professional advisor.

Best regards,

Amazon Services

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For IRS reporting, your LLC is still an entity, that you can use for business purposes. Because you are not able to separate your personal and business adequately, for taxation both are treated as you. This doesn’t disallow your use of the LLC as a business. How the IRS requires you to prepare and file your taxes doesn’t change your ability to use your LLC in commerce.


Maybe you entered some information incorrectly? I simply entered my information and that was it. I can only say what I’ve done. If it is really an issue, you can elect for s Corp status within the llc or just make a new corp


Did Amazon require you to use your SS number, rather than EIN? Did you use the LLC name rather than your first and last name, if they did? Maybe this is where mine differed.


Maybe it works to leave blank “Name (as shown on your income tax return)” if you have “Business or trade name (Optional)” filled out? Maybe that is where I went wrong, and entered Name. Did you enter SSN or EIN on the last line (Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)?


I can’t remember if I selected Individual or business. All I know is I did not fill out any personal information. I used my LLC name, LLC EIN and LLC address


This is all being done so that Manufacturers and distributors and their lawyers can easily find out who you are and prevent you from buying their products and selling on amazon which reduces their competition and amazon can then sell the the same products for more money per their agreement with the manufacturers which is why you are prohibited from selling certain brands anyway.

Amazon wants to phase 3rd party sellers out and sell the brands themselves without compering with you.