Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


Here’s the issue–and here’s why Amazon has made it impossible for sellers to know what to do:

There are two different name fields for each seller: the “Legal Business Name” and the name that appears associated with the “Official Registration Address.” There are four different address fields: “Business address,” “Official Registered Address,” “Legal Business Name,” and “Place of Establishment Address.” It is only the “Legal Business Name” and the “Place of Establishment Address” that fall under the “Legal Entity” heading and that require a new tax interview whenever they are changed. I would assume (without actually knowing) that these are also the only two fields which, when changed, require supporting documentation in the form of utility bills and bank accounts.

If it is the “Legal Business Name” that Amazon intends to publicly disclose (as opposed to the name associated with the “official registration address,” then the only recourse for sole proprietors would seem to be the formation of an entirely new business entity (e.g., an LLC or corporation). And that would appear to require not only an entirely new bank account associated with the new entity, but a new physical address capable of being served with utilities. Not a small feat. And even after all that is said and done, Amazon has provided no assurance that, at least for a single-member LLC, it would not continue to recognize the individual seller’s name as the “legal entity.”

The situation is even more confusing with respect to a seller’s address. Amazon has stated that it is the seller’s “business address” that it intends to disclose. My own “business address” field presently contains no address, but rather the word “undefined.” So exactly what information will appear under this “business address” field come September 1? Will it remain “undefined,” or will it mirror the content of one of the other three address fields? Exactly which address field should a seller currently operating out of his or her home be attempting to change? If it is the “Place of Establishment” address that appears under “Legal Entity,” then this will require a new tax interview and, potentially, the production of supporting documentation–which in turn might very well require the leasing of an office space and the ordering of utility services at that location. Considering that actual utility bills would not appear until a number of weeks later, a seller needing to make such changes would be unable to complete the process between now and September 1–even if Amazon came out today with an announcement that provided the required clarity about exactly what field of information it intends to publicly disclose.

In short, it appears all but inevitable that the accounts of a great many sellers will be suspended indefinitely while they attempt, through trial and error, and at significant expense, to avoid the threat of being personally identifiable to the large number of cutthroat sociopaths who, within the first hour, will be amassing databases on their competitors.


Wouldn’t a PO Box address with a seller’s real name suffice for Amazon to give buyers the ability to pursue any legal remedies they may have? It doesn’t seem like the physical address would be necessary for that but I could be wrong here.

That would appear to work except in the (likely) event that it is the “legal entity” information (consisting of “legal business name” and “place of establishment address”) that Amazon intends to disclose. If it is indeed the “legal entity” information that is at issue, it would require a new tax interview, and possibly the production of utility bills and bank records, to make the change. Try getting electrical service for a post office box.


P.S. It took a while to formulate clearly the issue stated two posts above, so if anyone wants to import that post “lock, stock and barrel” into a letter to Jeff–asking for clarification–you are welcome to do so.


Anonymous, I misread your question when answering earlier-- I’m sorry. No, a PO box would not give buyers adequate recourse because the initiation of a lawsuit requires personal service. The process server needs to be able to actually hand the summons and complaint to an adult individual residing at the address, or–in the case of an office–to a person in charge. In the case of a corporation or LLC, personal service is generally effected by handing a copy of the summons and complaint to the registered agent.


Yes, we all know how to edit the addresses shown.

The point is will Amazon allow that or is that against their rules. They do state specifically on their seller code of conduct:

Accurate Information

You must provide accurate information to Amazon and our customers, and update the information if it changes. For example, this means that you must use a business name that accurately identifies your business and list your products in the correct category.

I have read several blog posts by professionals that interpret that to include address and phone number.

One I was reading, it was based on the account suspensions they were seeing of their clients and the reasons why.


I’m not sure how this doesn’t conflict this policy either:

Circumventing the Sales Process

You may not attempt to circumvent the Amazon sales process or divert Amazon customers to another website. This means that you may not provide links or messages that prompt users to visit any external website or complete a transaction elsewhere.

And yet…

Can I share more information to help customers beyond my business name and address?

Yes, you are welcome to add additional information about your business and products that you think would be helpful to customers.


That isn’t accurate, a certified letter may serve as process.


Rather than someone from 3,000 miles away

All of your customers live 3,000 miles away? Must be nice. I live in the middle of the country and 2k miles is the furthest to ship. I have shipped everywhere, including my own town and nearby towns. And I live in a town of 10k. For those in large cities I imagine they get lots of local orders. Yes, the likelihood of a customer stopping by is low, but not impossible, especially for metro areas (just look at a recent thread and it’s not even public yet). And extra worrisome for theft or those that sell expensive/disable items. Then again you don’t have to worry about only customers when this is public info. Anyone that looks at your shop will see it (including competition. Have you seen what competitors will do? Perhaps I shouldn’t read the forums so much). I’m picturing instead of only trying to tank their amazon business they may do what ebay execs did to the ecommerce writer.

Amazon’s reason for doing this is because they can’t do anything about their bad sellers so they are trying to push accountability away by throwing sellers under the bus. Notice their decision to do this came about the time they are being investigated, one reason for that is counterfeit goods.


That isn’t accurate, a certified letter may serve as process.

Perhaps you live in an oddball jurisdiction, because that is ordinarily not the case. After having spent six solid weeks of Civil Procedure on Pennoyer v. Neff; you tend not to forget these things.

Not trying to pick a bone with you; just don’t want anybody to be misled.


So, CA is an oddball? In CA small claims can be served via certified letter for $15.00 by the small claims court clerk.
Is TX an oddball? Unless they are an infant a defendant maybe served via certified mail (if they signed for the certified letter, they have been served).

What about KY, NC, MI, FL…

Even NY allows certified mail to serve as process in many instances.


I am sad that I will have to close my account because of this. I have had an individual account to sell off my books as I no longer have room for a large library. But I can’t see spending money on a PO Box for the tiny profit from this hobby, and NO WAY am I putting my home address on the internet on purpose. Bad enough that it gets out there from all the hacks. I suppose Amazon won’t miss the small amounts they made from fulfilling my orders. Sad to say goodbye, it was fun.


You are partially correct and partially incorrect, balancing out the scales of justice.

Proper service is determined by the court in which the proceeding is being heard - not the state.

Litigation papers, a notice of a legal proceeding, court orders, etc…, are deemed “properly served” only by the judge sitting in a particular court.

Most (not all) courts will require notices to the parties, to be hand-delivered, in order to be deemed acceptable proof of service. Service must be made by an official, whether that be a sheriff, deputy or licensed process server.


Check the price of a USPS PO Box in your area.
Was able to get a PO Box for 13 months, for $108. That’s only $9 a month.


You brought up a VERY important and often missed point.

You are absolutely correct. If anyone is using the same account for Buying and Selling, the information from the Buyer’s side, is carried over to the Seller account.

I encourage you to read my post here to show the spider web connection of Amazon accounts across all their platforms.


are you going to get any of your documents in the po box address? in case you ever have to go through verification?

Ive been on here over 10 years but have read blogs within the industry that feel all sellers will eventually have to go through verification


So it only took me 4 days and both @anonymous_bookseller and @Rushdie explaining this…but by Jove, I got it!..maybe. :sweat_smile: Thank you both!

When I first opened my Seller account, I used my associated Buyer account to make some business purchases (I abandoned this practice very quickly!). There were 3 or 4 addresses and phone numbers in my Buyer info: > Account > Your Addresses.

Today, I edited all of that Buyer info down to ONE address, which I had to designate as “residential for digital purchases”. It has my Store (Display) name, business address, and business phone. I then had to designate that address as my Business Address in Seller Central.

This might not solve all problems, but it did change the phone number displaying in Business Address from my personal cell phone number to my business phone number.

What information will be displayed next month for sellers?
What information will be displayed next month for sellers?
DARK WEB has everyones SELLER NAME & ADDRESS, beware of phishing attacks!

It is not your name that is posted, it is your business name


In reference to the tangled web Amazon weaves, this is the latest reply when requesting the SOUQ account be closed:

This is Margaret on behalf of Raymond G.

If you need help with an order placed on Souq com or SOUQ warranty issues, please contact Souq com customer service. You can contact the Souq com customer service via phone at (+971)-4-437 0900 or you can send an email by signing into your Souq com account online.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.



Not in all cases.

See @yenobek’s post here: Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


This is exactly what I expect will happen- business name will be legal entity name and then the address will either pull from the business address section or also from the legal entity section.

The Amazon announcement confuses the issue by talking about display name which is of course something else entirely

If they ever get around to clarifying things they need to correct their wording