Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


This is rather disturbing. I am an individual business with children in my family. I don’t think I want anyone coming to my house and doing any harm to my family. You know there are crazies out there. Look at what happened to that prosecutor who lost her son to a gunman who was also an attorney and had her husband shot as well. This happened at her home. Amazon, please reconsider this policy of supplying addresses. This is not a smart idea. This does not give a customer a better shopping experience. You have policies in place and until now they work. You now put the seller at risk.


Um, probably already mentioned, but doesn’t this inadvertently promote direct contact between consumer and seller? I realize some consumers like to educate themselves on whom they are buying from. But I think most are like me, I look for the best deal, buy it, move on. I don’t have time to investigate a seller for a $50 purchase. Besides, I know, as a consumer, Amazon’s policies protect me fairly well no matter who the seller is. As a seller, I already knew the consumer has the upper hand as far as Amazon plays the game. My only concern would be for those who have legitimate concerns, like an angry spouse with a restraining order against them finding out where the object of their animosity lives. To those people, well I hope you find a solution to this potentially dangerous exposing of your whereabouts.


I’ve looked at a few sellers’ storefronts on UK site, some show full legal business address name/address but some only show VAT number and some don’t have any personal information at all. Haven’t found one so far that just had a “personal name” and home address like Amazon is threatening to display for US sellers.


And if the address was a Post Office Box, the killer might stake out, just watching for when the victim picks up returned items and other mail.


Look at the Mexico site. I did, and now I know the individual name and home address of one of my annoying piggy backer competitors.


How do I look at the Mexico store front for my own US store assuming I have one. My account only says I’m registered with and


I was under the impression that many sellers have run into problems with initial or periodic identity verification requiring that the address be one that has a piped utility in the seller’s name. But maybe those issues just relate to Legal Entity Address?


In your Account Info, copy your Merchant Token. Replace the # symbols with it.


I am a handmade seller and don’t want my personal address disposed to the whole world! I will definitely close my shop as this change does not help my business in any way, but exposes me and my family to thieves and swindlers! The buyers are interested in the product, not the sellers’ home address… this whole change is stinky, I strongly disagree!


I would spend more time concerned about the local nutters that already know where you live or can follow you home from the market; Rather than someone from 3,000 miles away. But if that is what you are concerned about, invest in steel security doors and high strength deadbolts. I’m starting to wonder about how bad the service from individual sellers must be for them to be worried that someone would travel across the country to harass them.

Let’s be rational adults, your residence is public information. Anyone can get learn your residence for under $100 in less than 4 hours (in most cases it is just a five-minute phone call away). Statistically, an individual is going to be harassed, stalked, assaulted by an individual they know well (and had a personal relationship with). Are there a few statistical anomalies? Of course. Will having your business information published on your Amazon Sellers profile impact this. No. Everyone who has expressed concern about having their information published, should not have an account with Facebook, Twitter, Snap, etc. long before they worry about this.


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Amazon IS going to publish sufficient information to allow buyers to pursue any legal remedies they may have. And it is going to do it in a way that obviates the need for it to be drawn into the fray-- by subpoena or otherwise. So the only thing that matters at this point is whether there is a workaround, acceptable to Amazon, that would allow that objective to be met without making public individual seller names and home addresses. That might be done by allowing sellers (even those operating as sole proprietors) to designate an authorized agent situated at an alternative street address upon whom service of process could be effectuated–without requiring an actual utility hook-up in the seller’s name. I see lots of possibilities, some of them involving fairly complex legal business structures and a fair bit of expense–but no amount of thinking it through matters if Amazon is unwilling to communicate about what potential solutions it is willing to recognize.


When will the identity of forum members all be revealed in this way? OK with that?


from reading this thread, having a DBA or corporation is not going to help

Amazon won’t tell us if we can use a po box even with a physical street address (the handmade support guy has told us he asks for an update from amazon every week and there is no guidance yet)

I know there are places like “weshare”. I’m wondering if I can find a place to rent a really cheap office with a utility bill. I mean really cheap as I would never use it for any reason.


I have the same issue. Apparently I have never had to fill out the Business Address in the Business Information section of my Seller Account Information…EVER. Since there has never been one there I’m assuming they didn’t really need or require one.
It says the same:
Current Business Address
Not Defined

If I don’t do anything at all to that section I wonder what will happen come September?
They can’t use my information in the Legal Entity section found in the Business Information section of my seller account information without asking me or as a default if no "physical’ address is selected, right?
I don’t think they can input and display my Legal business name and Place of Establishment address on Amazon US.

I too would like clarification on this. The European markets I use to sell on through amazon, if they are modeling this after that, would show the Legal Entity name and address I think. That’ is not what I want.


I am another seller wanting an answer regarding the phone number being displayed. I have checked the EU site and there are no phone numbers displayed. It’s difficult to navigate the MX and Japan site due to language translation options to confirm the same applies.


How about as clear as their email was on this subject:


No contradiction there with what you accepted as definitive?


I 100% agree with you, and because of this, I’m hesitant to change any addresses as to hiccup the system because addresses don’t match up with utility bill, etc.

I currently have my HOME address listed as my business address- I really don’t want this address to be public. But I’m hesitant to change it to a general PO box one, as it won’t match to any existing documents ,etc.


My Post Office won’t allow me to use their street address for a physical address. I imagine many others will receive the same response.

All the addresses Amazon stores are located in the main account, NOT the seller account. In order to eliminate alternate addresses in a seller account, they must be eliminated from the main account. To control address information on Amazon, go to the “Your Account” link on the Amazon website page, then go to the list where it says: Ordering and Shopping Preferences: Your Addresses. Once there, it allows you to edit the addresses Amazon has on file.

If sellers don’t want Amazon to possibly automatically use a physical address or another address, those addresses can be removed so Amazon will have to ask for them first.


Wouldn’t a PO Box address with a seller’s real name suffice for Amazon to give buyers the ability to pursue any legal remedies they may have? It doesn’t seem like the physical address would be necessary for that but I could be wrong here.