Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


I am not sure what you are asking. Amazon says " Beginning on September 1, 2020, we will display a seller’s business name and address on their Seller Profile page."

On the UK Amazon site, many of the handmade sellers show the seller’s business name and address already and not the seller’s phone number on the artist profile page.

I do not feel that Amazon needs to do this since our US State or Country is already shown on every Handmade item page and having a full seller address kinda hidden on a seller’s profile page does not add much for the customer in my opinion.


Contacted Seller Support last week and was told that they were still waiting upon the management team for “guidance.” If experience means anything, such “guidance” will not be forthcoming–at least in enough time to make meaningful use of it.

I would like to hear any ideas for potential workarounds. Complaining about the policy is not going to help anyone and is just wasting time. Let’s get some ideas rolling.


It’s too late to edit my last post, but I wanted to add this:

A reasonable middle ground would be one in which customers have sufficient information to allow them to exercise legitimate legal recourse against a seller, but which protects sole proprietors (especially those doing business out of their homes) from the significant risks posed by having their names and home addresses made readily available to the hoards of nefarious actors that Amazon has knowingly attracted to its marketplace through policies favoring disreputable business practices and cutthroat competition.

I would like to hear any ideas for potential workarounds that might accommodate both objectives.


As soon as you began to sell your creations for money, you began operating a business.

Amazon apparently sees enough good reasons, to do so, over your (and others objections). If you had read the thread, you would have read some of those reasons.

Then I suggest that you find a distributor to market and sell your creations (although you will still need to put your address on the packaging), or cease your business venture.


I suspect you would feel differently if you were a woman with a stalker in her past.

I have absolutely no problem with customers having my address on packaging. Obviously this is different.

I will likely cease my business venture as you so kindly suggest. My sales have evaporated after five very good years so carrying on is no longer feasible given the upcoming changes.

And btw, your assumption that I didn’t read the thread is incorrect. The way I see it, Amazon’s reasoning is flawed and will lead to major problems for many sellers. Think it through and you’ll possibly agree (but I doubt it!)


When I go to my Amazon business storefront, and replace the .com with then I do get the Mexico portal, though I do not sell there. It DOES display my Legal business name as seen in Account Info>Legal Entity.

And it shows the address from Account Info>Business Address.

No phone number appears here.

Ask questions to Amazon about Business name and address displayed on Seller Profile page starting September 1, 2020

where ############# is the Merchant Token. This worked to show my info on the MX website. It also worked to display the name and home address of one of the piggy backers on the detail pages I created. It didn’t work for another one.


:grin: Thanks @yenobek! It still did not work for me.
Interesting :thinking:


I’m so confused why there are still 0 answers about this weeks later. It is a simple question regarding which name they will be displaying. As has been pointed out previously, the Amazon notice definitely made it seem like your info was coming from Business Address/Display Name but other marketplaces look like they are showing Legal Entity. This creates a problem for those of us with a single member LLC as Amazon forces you to put your individual name even if you have an EIN. Seems like a pretty simple question of where they are pulling the name from so why have they not provided any answers? Truly weird.


So actually, COOL requires the country of origin to be placed on certain products. It has nothing to do with “USA Verified Seller.” And, in fact, stating that you are a USA seller would not be a “guarantee” of a US made product. I like the idea. But, I’m heading to the Post Office manana for a new address.


I thought this solution would work for me but my Post Office is one that won’t allow me to use their street address with my PO Box # as a physical address. I had a discussion about this with my Post Master this morning. Their reasoning is that they won’t accept packages from UPS or FedEx without a scan number.

Also interesting but couldn’t find any information to verify this. My postmaster said that Walmart already started requiring physical addresses for sellers but stopped doing it because of problems. My postmaster said Amazon needs to “stop doing that and learn about rules”…

Does anyone know how to close a seller account?

I refuse to allow Amazon to post my physical address. I wonder if there will be repercussions for sellers who don’t provide Amazon with physical address information? As it is, I live between two towns. My PO Box is in one town and my physical address is in another. If buyers are given my physical address for returns, their packages will be “returned to sender” because USPS packages cannot be delivered to my physical address. There is no mailbox or access to a porch.


I suspect that @LucasP had the answer earlier today:



What’s the question?

Amazon said they are publishing

While there have been many disgruntled posters that oppose the policy. Opposition and dislike are not questions. I’m not sure what additional information could be wanted.


If you read the rest of my post, you see the issue. Although they state that in the announcement, other marketplaces that already have this rule are not using Display Name. They are using Legal Entity. If you go back to the beginning of this thread, a lot of us wanted clarification. Also, just the section you quoted is contradictory. It treats Display name and Business Information as the same and they are not for some people. So it’s still a question of where they are pulling the info from. And for people like me who are a single member LLC, are we considered an individual or a business? In Legal Entity they force us to list as individual but we have a DBA in business address and Display Name.

  • For starters, how about answering whether they will publish what Amazon calls the “Legal business name” on the Legal Entity page, as they do on the .MX website?
  • Or will they publish the first line of the “Current Business Address” from the Business Address page, which they do not do on the .MX website?
  • Or will they use the “Display name” as said in your bullet point number 4, which is already the Storefront name that appears in a number of places already?

Can we get some certainty here?



How much clearer could Amazon be?


Have you ever seen where something written by Amazon was not technically the correct answer? You believe that the format will be different than it is for.MX? How have they presented it in other places, like Canada, Great Britain, Australia, European Union, etc.? If they use Business Entity other places, with this change are they really going to use Display Name?


Uh, we can start with those 2 bolded items aren’t necessarily the same. When they are contradictory, what shows?


How about by clarifying this language? “We will display a seller’s business name and address on their Seller Profile page. For individuals, we will display the individual name and address.”

How about by addressing whether a phone number will be displayed?

How about by confirming whether a PO Box can be used as Business Address?


Of course, a PO Box maybe used. My companies mailing address is a PO Box, Bank, Amazon, the IRS all PO Box. The only time we provide a physical address in trade is for UPS and FTL/LTL carriers for delivery and pick-up. Why would you think it wouldn’t be acceptable? Granted Amazon may want to actually send you correspondence from time to time using it, you can’t just make up an address. If you could I’d be using something cool like Wall Street.