Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


I’m not sure to which part of the United States Code you’re referring with that definition, and we all know that our Congress-critters have long done a poor job in terms of clarifying conflicting meanings in this or that Public Law - but 15 USC Chapter 110 §8402 specifically reads thus:


(d) Definitions

In this section:

(1) Initial merchant

The term “initial merchant” means a person that has obtained a consumer’s billing information directly from the consumer through an Internet transaction initiated by the consumer.

(2) Post-transaction third party seller

The term “post-transaction third party seller” means a person that—

(A) sells, or offers for sale, any good or service on the Internet;

(B) solicits the purchase of such goods or services on the Internet through an initial merchant after the consumer has initiated a transaction with the initial merchant; and

(C ) is not—

(i) the initial merchant;

(ii) a subsidiary or corporate affiliate of the initial merchant; or

(iii) a successor of an entity described in clause (i) or (ii).


I’m fairly certain that our friend is Sawle Mill is correct in speculating that it is this provision which has led Amazon to launch this initiative.


I sent my e-mail to Jeff over a week ago and have not heard from his “team” as of yet. I am mad as hell


Did you get a review for changing your business address to your DBA and PO box?


No, not yet. Knock on wood.


I think people keep getting stuck on end consumers and whether or not they need to know the street address of the seller/store especially for an FBA order.

THIS IS NOT THE POINT. This is going in to place so that Big Brands can find people who are selling their stuff and figure out how they are getting their products and if they have permission. This is going in to help Big Brands clean up their distribution and protect/enforce their registered wholesalers.

Nothing else makes sense.


I heard back from Jeff’s team today. I still did NOT get a complete answer. No one will say if it is the business name or the legal entity name. This is BS!!!

Greetings from,

My name is Liz and I’m a member of the Executive Seller Relations Team. Jeff Bezos received your email and requested that I research this issue and respond on his behalf.

I understand that you have concerns about a new change to the Seller Profile pages that will be implemented on September 1, 2020. Amazon is implementing this new feature where the Seller’s business address will now show on the Seller’s profile on the sales marketplace. This feature will allow Sellers and Brand Owners to share more about their businesses through their profile pages. This feature also allows Buyers to learn more about the businesses they purchase from.

At this time, this feature does not have an opt out option for Sellers to utilize.
Thank you for your feedback regarding the upcoming implementation of placing the Business address on the Seller Profile on the sales platform. I have forwarded your specific concerns regarding this upcoming feature to our Business leadership. Although we are unable to follow up with any decisions or actions made by our teams, we do promise that your message has been reviewed at an executive level.

Changes are usually announced via headlines on the home page of Seller Central or through direct email communications.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Liz B. Executive Seller Relations


Hard to really call any of this advance notice without proper clarification. Many of us who are sole proprietors and work from home need to decide whether we need to simply get a PO Box, or whether we need to go through the process of converting from a DBA to an LLC (which takes time), and the lack of guidance/clarity is utterly exasperating.


Members of this community are not lawyers, and the forum discussions should not be construed as legal advice. For specific legal advice pertaining to your situation you should seek the advice of a competent legal attorney.


I’m not talking about the guidance of people in this forum. I am talking about Amazon’s complete lack of clarification on what will be shown come September 1st.


Another thing is that other competing sellers may use our business address to send false copyright or IP claims to the Handmade sellers directly instead of going through Amazon’s email service. This way any seller false claims, fake legal documents from a non-existing legal firm, or just general business threats, that are sent to intimidate other sellers, can come directly to sellers without going thru Amazon. The accusing sellers really decrease their risk of Amazon knowing they made a false claim against another seller since Amazon is not directly involved.

While I do not read about this happening with Handmade sellers, this type of intimidation is more common on the Amazon Marketplace side. The crap that happens on the Marketplace may one year come to the handmade sellers.


As the initial announcement mentions, this is already being done on Amazon UK, etc…

So if you want to see exactly what will be displayed, just go to Amazon UK and click on the seller names.


Same here. I hate to say this as a seller but I haven’t purchased anything online in over four years. Nothing like thinking you’re buying something from New York or California only to find out after you hit the buy button, your item will be arriving in 4 to 6 weeks. My days of ‘So Solly, We Reship’ are over.
I opened a resale brick and mortar store back in 2015 and to fill the shelves with some new products, I decided to purchase 50 items off of E-Bay. Out of those 50 items, 22 items never showed up at all, and the remaining 28 items were so cheaply made it would have been an embarrassment to put it on the shelves.
One item I ordered was a magnifying glass for a buck, what I received after doing several hours of research on the web and finally figuring out what it was was a thing called a Go Girl wee wee cup. Thankfully I didn’t use it for a new style drinking cup. What a joke. Nope, no more mystery boxes arriving at my front door. Now if I can’t see it, touch it and smell it, I don’t want it and they can keep their cheap Chinese knockoff garbage.


A great way to get your number out there for telemarketers. Enjoy the Robocalls because you’ll be getting tons of them every day once our number appears on the listings.


OK, so Settings->Account Info-> Business Information->Display Name is your seller name, correct?

So the seller name is what will be displayed?


To make it mandatory though? That’s insanity. Amazon is getting worse and worse.


My phone number is also displayed at the bottom of my business address.

Is there a way to remove it? No way do I want people to be able to phone me day and night.


I just checked out several seller pages on the UK site and it appears that the legal entity name and business address are displayed there…in cases where the display name and the legal entity name are the same then of course the display name is shown as the business name.


Yes I see that too. As I look at several UK sellers, it’s actually a bit all over the board, I’ve found several sellers that have absolutely nothing displayed.

The Amazon UK site might not be the best model to compare to - as I look at it.

Different fields (e.g. VAT, etc…). Maybe different fields are required and I have no idea about UK business entity laws, etc…


Amazon will be displaying your company name and business address. Just because the seller’s phone number is on the same internal Amazon page as the business address does not mean the business phone number will display to the customer. Amazon has not said that the customer will see the seller’s phone number.


Are you sure about that?

Anyway, I’m not a business, I’m a single person working from home creating handmade goods. For privacy reasons, I don’t wish my address to be listed either. I can see no reason for it to be listed.