Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


I too have to close my account and tried to just now. I will not stay if they post my address/name (I’m a small seller). So I looked up how to close down my account and they WILL NOT CLOSE it for 90 days!!! This means I have no control over my name and address being revealed. “Amazon requires a waiting period of 90 days after your last order before you can close your account. You have had an order in the last 90 days, so your selling account cannot be closed at this time.”


When you go to Whole Foods or any other supermarket, do you see the address of the manufacturer of all those items on shelves? No. And no one gives a hoot, buyers don’t care where those products came from. Why is Amazon different then? It’s just a bigger “supermarket”. It should not allow sellers’ addresses be readily available because this can potentially cause all sort of misuse and crime. Just wait until some sicko sees a successful seller, finds his address, and then kidnaps its child! Amazon tries to please everyone but in reality shoots itself in the foot. Why not just show a town & state (or country) only, like eBay does?


Better to wait and see what happens, I think.

Please be aware that once you close a seller account, you can never open another one again, ever.

Are you using your home address for shipping and returns? Consider getting a post office box instead.

Is your personal name used as your display name on Amazon? Consider changing it to something else, which is simple to do as I recall.

As I’ve posted, I do believe (and hope) that Amazon will use the Display Name and Business Address (as opposed to Business Entity address) to display. The Business Address is simple to edit. See the original notice from Amazon - and which others have posted upthread - for instructions on this.


I can recall countless times, when my kids were growing up, being asked for their social security numbers and refusing to give it with no consequence. Fact was, there was never any need, all those requests were totally gratuitous.
When they took their SAT’s I called up the College Board Examiners to protest having to enter their SSNs into the database. Turns out that wasn’t mandatory either (what would non US citizens do?). Simply entering 9 zeroes was perfectly fine.
In college, the national office of one of their sororities set about collecting the vitals - including SSNs-of member students. Told my daughter to explain that in her family SSNs were given out only for tax and banking purposes. Done. I can only imagine the data bases that sorority accumulated and the total disregard for security.

Same proves true for grad school, etc. there is always another way to identify someone. Ask for it.

A sense that privacy is something worth protecting needs to to be taught. A total firewall isn’t possible, but I’d like to think that all the pushback over the years helped.


Time to buy some Dobermans to protect my warehouse. All I need is for people to know where tens of thousands of dollars of inventory sits…


Hey, I’m a Baby Boomer and I am completely anal retentive when it comes to IT security. :male_detective:

That being said, thanks to the level of paranoia in this thread, I was also infected and got a PO Box this week - $106 for 13 months. I don’t influence easily, but this forum is more infectious than you know what.

Seriously, every single day, reports like the excerpt below are posted in Security Forums across the globe.

The only thing that changes, are the numbers and the companies. Billions upon billions of names, addresses, social security numbers, passwords, usernames, accounts of all shapes and sizes, are out on the Dark Web and up for sale.

Anyone who has a Smart device, of any sort in their possession, is in greater danger of losing their privacy, than posting your physical address on Amazon. The only smart device I own, sits on my shoulders.

I clearly understand the blazing light speed at which info travels and if I didn’t own an online business, I’d be sitting in a remote location, Internet free as well.

As stated over yonder, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.”

Google the title to read the full story.

Breached Data Indexer ‘Data Viper’ Hacked
KrebsOnSecurity - Posted: July 13, 2020

Data Viper, a security startup that provides access to some 15 billion usernames, passwords and other information exposed in more than 8,000 website breaches, has itself been hacked and its user database posted online. The hackers also claim they are selling on the dark web roughly 2 billion records Data Viper collated from numerous breaches and data leaks, including data from several companies that likely either do not know they have been hacked or have not yet publicly disclosed an intrusion.

The apparent breach at St. Louis, Mo. based Data Viper offers a cautionary and twisted tale of what can happen when security researchers seeking to gather intelligence about illegal activity online get too close to their prey or lose sight of their purported mission. The incident also highlights the often murky area between what’s legal and ethical in combating cybercrime.



You are indeed! Well, I don’t know about Baby Boomer, OR anal retentive, but you are certainly security-conscious. :laughing::closed_lock_with_key:

:face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin: You’re welcome?

This is what feeds a good bit of my paranoia, too–every breach, every disclosure increases all of our vulnerability exponentially.

Hubris and the attitude of “it can’t happen to me” leaves a lot of room for enough little mistakes. :slightly_frowning_face:


Had to wait 36+ hours for the post to clear! Kinda figured that was going to happen. :upside_down_face:

Yes, I am security conscious and yes, every single time information is made public, whether by choice, force or hack, it opens up another avenue for a potential attack on the business or person.

For the life of me, I cannot, under any circumstance, fathom the amount of info people plaster all over the web or allow devices like Alexa (which was originally considered adware, back in the day), into their homes, offices or cars. Mention Alexa and this is what I see:

Getting Alexa off one’s system, was never an easy task and the fact that people WANT this in their lives, just blows my mind! :exploding_head:

If people were forced to spend one day exploring the dark web, they may never go online again.

As tech savvy as I am, I cannot emphasize enough, the dangers people unwittingly expose themselves to on a daily basis. I post on exactly two forums - here and in a Security forum I’ve belonged to for 18 years. Amazon has so much information about me in any event, this forum keeps that info in one place and like the security forum, offers an outlet to help, which is my nature.

As for the PO Box, it’s a small, efficient and friendly post office, the next town over. At least 65+% of my customers are repeat buyers and as mentioned, pulled the business phone from the website, due to being inundated with spam calls, so the PO Box was the next step. I think I’ve had 3 returns in 13 years, so it’s not going to be used much, but the clerk said it was a good idea, in any event, as did my carrier.

So yes, “Thank you, Papy”, I caught the bug from you! :rofl:


My understanding of what has been posted so far is that it will not be the display name but the name in either the business address section or the legal entity section.

If it was the display name obviously that wouldn’t be a concern.

The legal entity section is completed by anyone who has a registered business be that a sole prop or a corp.

If a sole prop has their business registered under their own name - which is usually the case- the concern is that this is what will be displayed on the site.


the first day this was announced I ordered and paid for a po box. but we still don’t know if we will be allowed to use it.

I have been selling online almost 25 years. I always intended to keep my hand in even after retiring and donating the profits to my local charities of choice. I dunno now. this might be a game ender for me


Understandings vary and so do sellers’ nformation set ups, apparently.

Actually, my display name - which is a DBA - is what appears with my Business Address in Amazon settings. My Business Entity name (my LLC name) appears under the Business Entity section in settings, and I do not want to see that published.

At present, it is not clear which will be used, but I have maintained throughout that the name under one’s Business Address is what the notice specifies. For me, that is my display name and it is easy to edit. Again, the Notice announcing this gives editing instructions for the Business Address section of settings.


I wonder if the new change is coming to Amazon Canada as well, or only for the US site?


Here are my thoughts on that: chances are very high (almost greater than 99%) that all of your info has already been hacked and is all over the place anyway. My logic then says: if it is already hacked (which I know mine personally has) then what is the big deal about this? Equifax gave up 147 million names, SSNs, addresses and phone number, the Bay gave up names, addresses and DOB, Yahoo gave up the same. My point being that bad actors can and will find you out because all of your info is already plastered all over the place.


Actually that info is on the label, so try again.


Personally not concerned with the OP, but with legitimate concerns for others, who are worried.

As I stated above, anyone who owns the smallest Smart device, should be more concerned about that device being hacked, than consequences from the address appearing here.

Amazon’s been hacked as well and gave up databases. No one is immune. All you can do, is try to keep as low a profile as possible on any social sites and stay away from Smart devices.


Actually, yes. Yes they do.


As a huge supplier not sure what he is smoking, as it’s required by law.


But it is still very different than disclosing individual’s name and home address directly in the public places. None of the other selling platforms are doing this, so why does Amazon need to make this move?


No, because sellers are expected to have insurance and you are the company


According to a recent conversation we had with an Amazon Business Team representative last week the information displayed will be display name and business address as entered in the business address" section in account information. The name entered in the business address section will not be displayed.

Take it for what it’s worth.