Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


its about whether amazon will allow them. there are plenty of options available, but can we use them is the question.


I suppose anything is possible but I find it extremely unlikely that Amazon will send a OTP via USPS.

Not to burst the PO Box bubble but given Amazon’s strict rules about verifying addresses I also find it extremely surprising that a PO Box would ever be acceptable as a business address. But I could be wrong.

There are some great people in Seller Support but they are not always, if ever, the definitive source for accurate information…especially on a new Amazon initiative.


Did you even read your own quoted info? Nothing in that quote says the sellers private info (real name, address, or phone) has to be shared with the buyer. No other platforms are doing this either, such as eBay or Etsy.


Looks like minimum another $10 / month for no good reason. I hope Amazon gets sued over this clear breach of privacy and safety of its sellers.


You do know that Jeff himself will never see this, right?

And I am learning - especially over the last few months - not to expect much more from the Leadership Team than I get from regular Seller “Support.” In my experience, there is still the same language barrier and lack of basic understanding.

This is not your grandfather’s email address.

I have accepted the fact that communicating just about anything to Amazon about what sellers want - or don’t want - has become, in effect, futile.

The recent silliness of Seller “Support” asking for our feedback in a “quick survey” was laughable in light of our real world interactions with them.


@Diane I absolutely know that Jeff will not see this. I am hoping someone higher than seller support will see it and respond.


I hope so too, for your sake. You do seem genuinely concerned about this upcoming change.

But, going by experience, I just don’t believe that any communication or response from anyone at Amazon can be relied upon to be accurate.

I will just wait until Sept. 1, see what is displayed, and deal with it then. There’s always the chance that there was never cause for alarm.

But, please let us know if you get a meaningful reply from anyone. I will be surprised, but happy, if you learn something that will help allay your fears.


That’s fine. Our address is discrete. They can call and visit but will not find us there. I recommend everyone use a PO BOX or UPS Store address. There are too many crazy people these days to have direct contact with customers.


amazon mods to this forum have been asked to verify that amazon will allow us to use a po box. again, we all know we can get one. but will amazon allow us to use one is the question.


For those that are upset about this, in the name of privacy. This information is public information. I recently bought some property and per State law before the title could be recorded my name, address, and how much I paid for the property had to be published in the newspaper twice. This is just the way business is supposed to be done. Take a look at the Constitution there is no guarantee of a right to privacy. Honestly, having my name and address of residence published didn’t bother me, I would prefer if the whole world didn’t need to know how much (or little) I spent.


Wow, almost unbelievable :confused: Would you share which state this is?


yea doesn’t happen in my state (I sold a residence this spring).

Property tax records are public but you have to search for the name and url of the database my state uses then knowing part of my name or address to then search their database. So you have to have part of my name, or address, plus state and county to get that info.

You gotta put in some leg work and time. Or come Sept 1 you can just click on my seller profile


Nebraska. Same thing when you create an LLC in the State, get married, file for bankruptcy, etc.

If it is part of the public record, it must get be published in a paper of record first. It’s a transparency thing, been like that since it was a territory.


Not everywhere, and not in the same ways.

These state-by-state discrepancies might explain some of the different comfort levels with this change expressed here in this topic and replies.


does age effect it? I just wonder as my sister has noticed amongst her children and grand children they readily give up (and don’t even consider it giving up) privacy and rights that she fights tooth and nail to keep. and our dad would always complain that our social security number was not intended as an identification number and should never be given out to anyone/any company that can’t prove a need to know (he was born during the depression)

maybe it is 1984 just 16 years later than the year Orwell picked.


Honestly, from what I’ve seen here–including the conversation between @zippospeedcat and @smokinirvana above–and your own post, it might be that

  • some of the Baby Boomer generation doesn’t always understand the scope and speed with which technology can destroy a lifetime of hard honest work with just a name, address, and/or birthdate; OR already believe that resistance is futile;
  • some of Gens Y (Millenials) and Z assume that privacy is dead anyway, so why bother protecting anything, ever; and
  • some of Gen X is sitting here trying to explain the same thing (why precautions are needed and important) to two very different sets of people who do not want to hear from them, anyway! :rofl:

So short answer? I really don’t know! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::woman_facepalming:


You wrote the 777th reply :smirk:


Present and accounted for, lol (born in 1985.) But I think your breakdown is pretty spot on.

Look, I care (both about myself and my family) about not getting beat up by an angry customer or seller, but if the person really wants to find me, they will. It’s not that difficult anymore (honestly unless you paid to be unlisted in the phone book, people could always find you.) Doxxing is a real thing and has real consequences, but I think the majority of the individuals that are seen as a threat to the people who mentioned it, really are just toothless keyboard warriors.


Careful! I didn’t delve into this, but you might actually be a Xennial :open_mouth: (we’re the best ones :shushing_face:).

The thing is, having that information is about more than “finding you”. There are many seriously damaging black hat strategies that start with that info but not face-to-face contact. :woman_shrugging:


Honestly that is what I go with over straight up Millennial, maybe it’s because of the horrible connotation of the later end of the Millennial generation. But we digress.