Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


Seller support


Amazon keeps saying the “Business Name” what they mean is the LEGAL ENTITY NAME.

Why is is this so hard to answer?

YOUR NAME - will be the legal Entity Name

YOUR ADDRESS - will be your current business address…

Here’s how you can test it.

Replace X’s with merchant token.

From your business addresses “Select an Address” see if you have more than 1 and switch to a different one & save. When you look at the MX site it now has the new address. If you don’t have a 2nd address showing you can add the same address but this time use “ST” for Street or “RD” for road (something like that) so you can visially see the MX page update.

The issue is those that are using a DBA name have an issue.

  1. The legal entity name is not the name you want displayed.
  2. There is no way to change this name in the amazon system as you set your account up ages ago.
  3. You can’t even open a new account using your DBA as the legal entity name because then the system will flag you for multiple accounts and shut you down.


Yes, in your case it was support. But I was quoting someone else’s post where they said it was a mod reply …


NOTE: this can be ANYTHING??
1313 Mockingbird Lane (The Munsters)
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW (White House)
410 Terry Ave. North (Amazon headquarters)

So the narrative of “helping buyers make informative decisions” goes out the window if the address isn’t the businesses verified address associated with them.

So it appears it can be more misleading then helpful…so what’s the point?

How can i hide my address?

I was under the assumption that a company’s legal name would be the chosen DBA name should a sole prop register for a DBA. Am I mistaken?

Why would you open a new account using your DBA name?


Well, if the info by support (posted up-thread) is correct they will send a postcard with an OPT there…


yes, if you are a handmade seller you can see the post. I could take a screen shot but the mods name is @Javier-SellerSupport. I have always assumed from his posts english is not his first language but he is always helpful.


If true our accounts staying active will be balancing on the USPS? :thinking:
Say theirs 1,000,000.00 sellers - 1% don’t get their postcard, that’s 10,000 suspended accounts.

Now every time that name gets updated another post card goes out? It would have to.

What happens when you get a PO box for a month or two only?
Once expired it’s now open to a new person.
Say that new person want’s to open an Amazon account.
Now are both of you suspended for linked accounts…those are hard to come back from.

Just seems like there are a lot of holes, like most Amazon updates.
I think Amazon needs some Devil’s advocates instead of a building of YES men.


Not replying to anyone in particular. This is the e-mail I plan to send to Jeff.

Mr. Bezos,

I have had the privilege to sell on your platform since March 12, 2005. I have perfect metrics which include a 100% feedback rating. I am a very small used book store seller. I am registered as a sole proprietor with a DBA distinction. Selling on Amazon has afforded me the ability to work from home to raise my 3 children.

The reason for this e-mail is to inquire about the September 1, 2020 Amazon change to display seller’s business name and address in the “seller profile” section of a 3rd party seller’s home page.

I have opened a case and sent numerous e-mails to seller support. All of the e-mails have been replied to, yet I have no definitive answer as to what name and address will be displayed on the seller profile section. I know I am not alone in my concern for this as there are over 700 posts regarding this issue on a seller forum page. My question is is the business name and business name what is going to be displayed or is it the legal entity name and legal entity address that will be displayed?

Here is my and many other sellers concerns. Since I am a sole proprietor, my legal name is my real name. My legal address is my personal home address. I do not want my full name and home address listed for everyone to see out of privacy reasons. I fear for myself, my husband and my 3 children’s safety. I am concerned that a disgruntled buyer may decide to look up my private information and come after us. I also fear in a day and age where a person’s identity can so easily be stolen.

I would greatly appreciate it if you or an Amazon representative could please look into this and respond to me regarding my concerns.



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Home based sellers even though it’s “home based” should have never been using their home address. Sole proprietors also shouldn’t be disclosing home addresses to the general public. Very risky that some wacko will come to your home or send you hate mail. You can get a p.o box or a virtual office address for a very low monthly amount.


The .mx thing doesn’t work for me, so I guess it’ll be a guessing game.


This is completely ridiculous.

People selling out of their house should not have their private address on amazon like that.

With all the lunatic buyers on this platform, who knows what they will do when they don’t get their way.

This also leads for competing sellers to mess around with the address as well.

No other platform requires sellers to do something like this.


In an age where identity theft is also very prevalent this brings up a whole other issue.


Do you have a Unified Account? If not then that’s probably the reason.
Or maybe you need a pro account to see on mx? not sure.

But it works for us.


@SEAmod any updates on this? It’s been 6 days without answers

Are we going to be allowed to use PO Box?

Is the post above by Seller Support that says we can but we will be sent a postcard with OTP to verify this address accurate?

Thank you however the silence has been absolutely deafening.


I am greatly opposed to this.


Yeah, we don’t have a unified, only a professional US account.


The Handmade forum mod @Javier-SellerSupport posted the below.

I very much appreciate the fact he has kept us updated as much as possible.

Hi team,
I have not been putting something in this thread because the Business Team has not get back to me. They only told me they will confirm if a PO Box is allow or not.
As soon as I hear back from them, trust me that I will come back here to let you all know.


just google virtual business address. plenty of companies offer this service. remember these are “amazon’s” customers and they will not be the ones looking at it, just others to harass you and mail you spam.