Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


I love this business! I did RE before this and Amazon is 1000 times better this business has changed my life! Only pain is convincing brands to sell to you. So annoying I never understood why these big brands won’t sell to Amazon Sellers!


When potential customers view their buying choices, a seller’s store name and feedback rating leads directly to the Seller Profile page. Apparently Amazon will display individual names and personal addresses there.


This will one day lead to a massive lawsuit when a crazy buyer realizes the seller is in their town or close to it and knocks on their door at home and an altercation happens. As far fetched as it sounds in the world today it is going to happen. Especially sellers who may sell items that are not unbiased.

Sellers are going to be attacked by bad actors now. Expect a mailbox full of faked C&D letters from bogus law firms and Chinese sellers.

Oh and not to mention when sellers go in to edit or update their address Amazon will likely flag and shut down your account for “address verification” and we all know how horrible amazon is to deal with for things like this when they deny legitimate documentation


it has 0 to do with history, it has screw all to do with helpful. This is amazon, it is going to happen and they do not give a crap if we like it or not. The point is sellers complain and start thread after thread thinking it will make a difference…it hasnt. Just look at the dashboard.

Idk when the shift became that protesting and complaining would bring about real changes but it isnt going to work on a platform like amazon. Amazon is a tyrant overlord not a democracy.


Not true. as most of us are legit - I do not want any of my neighbors -who by now do not have an idea that they are buying from me- to knock on my door asking deals - or even offering stuff to sell . I do not understand amazon - this will open a (garage) door to do business behind amazon. and in many cases in disputes between buyers and sellers the buyer will be able to call seller on phone and send them mail - not to mention visit them in person - this a is just one more - of the recent - awkward move of amazon against 3rd party sellers


As it currently, Amazon seller profiles can be googled by store name. When the change is made to add individual names and addresses, anyone can google someone’s name of interest and their Seller Profile will be on Google for all to see. Kind of like Facebook. Likely this information will go to public records also.


I can not understand the point behind that - will this make the site more trustworthy ? for sure not - as the frauds will know how to cover their prints leaving all innocent sellers exposed against their will - (for those - majority - who do not want that)


Another garbage, underdeveloped thought by Amazon being forced on sellers. Complete bully tactic for their “services” down the road and because they have the sales revenue stream to give you no other choice. Scary how much power they have.


I’m wondering if it’s even possible that Amazon will make money by selling this information to marketers? Then covering it up by making it public information on the internet.


I believe it is not ethical from amazon to post my name address and number for the public.

i wonder if there is a legal argument to be made here - if someone buy from me that 1 thing - but just browsers why should they know my private info - this is basically forcing us to have (at least part of) our privacy invaded. what a shame

what can we do? there should be something to put a Hold / stop to it.


For a retail establishment this may be a good idea all around. For Amazon, sellers, and buyers.

But there are a lot of home based sellers. Some only FBA. What need does a buyer have to know where an FBA seller lives, or even an FBM seller?
If there is a dispute, Amazon will make sure to satisfy the customer as is.

What will Amazon display next? Sellers gender? Blood type? Martial status? Single mom with two young daughters? I know I am stretching things a bit. But there are plenty of psychos out there. This is a privacy and safety issue.


for those who missed it

A mod (amazon employee) for the gated handmade forum posted where they will be pulling the address from.


Hey guys, this is so important for me that this is my first post in two years selling here.
I opened a case with SS and this is what I get:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand your concern regarding changing your business address, I will answer your question one by one.

Can I change my business address to a PO Box in my own city?

Yes, you can change your business address to a PO box in your own city.

Will be there any kind of verification that affects my ability to sell after?

Yes, we will send you a post card with OTP for verification purpose.

you will have 14 days to complete address verification. The 14 days will be measured from the date on which postcard was delivered.

What address will show after september 1st, business address or legal entity?

Business address will be shown after September 1st.

Please do not worry, your privacy will not be compromised as you can change your address to PO address.

To change your address, complete the following steps:

From your seller account, select Settings, then select Account Info.

In the Business Information section, select Business Address.

Select Add a new address.

Enter your address information and click Submit.

Help page for your reference.

To help us continually improve, we ask that you take a moment to complete our survey below to tell us about your experience with this specific interaction.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?


I am agreeing with you. :smiley:


This is exactly my concern!


Silly question…what does OTP for verification purposes mean?


Just checking, this indeed came from a mod, not seller support? The grammar is a bit off…


Not silly. OTP = One-time password


Are they sending this postcard with tracking? Otherwise how would they ever know what date it was delivered?


Thank you so much