Advance notice: Business name and address to be displayed on the seller profile page starting September 1, 2020


This is dismissive, to say the least. Of course people get “up in arms,” that is human nature. BUT that does not mean that change is always helpful, nor does it mean that it is always the same people objecting to every single change.

By researching the history of bad choices made by third party seller platforms you may find that is not uncommon for bad choices to be made.


Exactly. This announcement is just really confusingly worded. I hope the mods will come back with clarification.




I don’t agree.

My parents owned a b&m store for over 40 years. My father proudly had a placard with his name on it posted over the front door. He was required to and did post his sales tax certificate and grocery license in plain view.

He received many awards over those decades - some in his name and some in his business name - and all were displayed for any customer to see.

He had a yellow page ad and regularly donated to local charity and sponsored clubs. All displayed his business name, not his personal name.

Living in a smallish town, just about everyone or anyone who wanted to, knew who owned that store.

But if you lived in another town or another state? You’d have to do some work to find that information or show up at his place of business to see his name displayed for all the world to see.

Yes, I’ve chosen to sell online but I don’t agree that I automatically gave up some of my privacy rights just because.


right. Amazon should encourage people to post their address, but I don’t think it is at all fair to force it (unless they allow a secondary address to be entered as I mentioned above). 99.999% of customers won’t look for this information or care about it. I’ve bought hundreds of things online and not once did I feel like I needed to check the address of the seller before buying. If some customers do that sort of thing, well then I am willing to give up those few orders in order to protect my privacy from other people who are not as well intentioned. I’ve yet to see someone post 1 legitimate reason as to why a customer would need to know where a seller lives (or even works) particularly if they are selling FBA. “More trustworthy” I suppose, well then don’t buy from me if I’m not trustworthy, but I don’t see how my address will increase my trustworthiness in any way.


This is insane. Not every business runs out of a commercial address. Why should those that sell out of their homes have their home address exposed? This is wrong.

Amazon is opening themselves up for lawsuits by doing this. I can imagine more than a few sellers are going to be harassed by customers showing up on their doorstep.


Ty, im going to try the same. I hope we are okay!


What address are they going to post on seller profile page? I just noticed that there are only shipping and return addresses required, but there’s no required business address in settings (blank). Will they use either of those addresses to show on seller profile page?

I noticed that if you are an individual seller like me, there’s no product listing displayed at all on seller profile page. Then how can a buyer find out the seller’s profile page? Many of them do not even know how to find out condition note when they place orders of used items.


Paid and reserved it on-line. Have to go there in person and wait in line with the form and ID. Line was too long on Friday. Have 30 days. Will try this week and let you know as soon as we have our PO Box number. We do have a professional plan, and use our brick and mortar address for returns. Just don’t want it out there for every Amazon customer.


I’m with you on this.


Wow I am so appalled by this. Every librarian sensitivity of mine is offended. This is a MAJOR violation of privacy.


This is not a helpful change. It will lead to stalkers. As a single person I don’t want people knowing my address or my name. I go to great lengths to protect my info. This is not an acceptable change


They could verify the address without making it not public. It’s none of the public’s business what my name is and where I live.


Not to mention identity theft will become an issue ! Uhh uhh find a better medium amazon.


We don’t know though what Amazon will show are they going to show our business address from the DOR that we used when we created our LLC or Corporation or are they showing the business address we can manually type in under the business address tab under business info on our Seller Central Account? I don’t want my LLC Name and address being shown to the world and opening me up to Scammers.


Not to mention Amazon Gurus or Consultants chasing after them for business! A lot of Spam and Scammers will be delighted to have our info!


Agree but didn’t you have a guru when you started?


How about this Happily Display the Sellers who want their personal info blasted all over the internet and give sellers who don’t want their info displayed the option to just say “Verified Seller”. Do you think the customer cares about seeing our LLC name and Address? They only care that Amazon had verified us
as a legitimate business. If the customer has an issue they can contact Amazon directly or message the seller there is no reason to have our LLC names and address especially if we are FBA and Amazon is fulfilling the orders and servicing the buyer!


I had consultant not a guru and he has served me well I am doing great in my business, but I know many sellers don’t want gurus contacting them every week trying to sell them something.


Sadly they have to do this because Homeland Security thinks it’s going to curb counterfeiting. I don’t see how it will.

They should do it this way to satisfy the law:

Name of entity
City, State, Zip code