Additional return shipping options for seller-fulfilled returns


As part of a short-term experiment to understand buyer behavior, from September 5, 2022, through October 2, 2022, buyers will be provided with the option to select USPS or UPS (new) when they send their seller-fulfilled returns.

Only items returned through Amazon’s Prepaid Return Label program and below 15 oz in weight and 130 inches in girth will be eligible.

Providing buyers with multiple shipping options will give buyers the convenience to drop off their return at the nearest UPS store, and encourage them to buy more from sellers.

Corresponding USPS and UPS shipping rates will apply. This can impact the label cost for sellers and you can claim a refund for the difference between the UPS and USPS shipping costs.

For more information, go to Shipping costs for seller fulfilled returns.

Does anyone know about the new Returns policy?
Help with Return Shipping Options
Safety clain denied because not covered by the Prepaid Returns for Seller Fulfilled Order program

Not fully thought idea.
This new option does not take into account the following:
UPS Additional Handling Surcharge: At minimum, an additional Handling Surcharge of $15.31 may be applied to UPS return packages if:

  • The outer shipping container is not fully encased in, or made of corrugated cardboard
  1. Shipping charges…what about additional fees for residential addresses?
  2. Why is the seller responsible for the quality of the package the buyer uses ?
  3. From experience…we use small mailers, and sometimes we receive the return item in large boxes…why should the seller pay for it ?
  4. Shipping by UPS may cost more than the value of the product !!
  5. Is there a hidden agenda to promote refunds without returns ?


“This can impact the label cost for sellers and you can claim a refund for the difference between the UPS and USPS shipping costs.”

How do I claim the difference? How would I know what the difference is?


And if a Buyer returns an item in an oversized UPS box where the difference in shipping exceeds the value of our $12.99 product, how are we to recover that cost?


I see a lot of issues with this just at the get go. Packaging requirements are very different between carriers. Sellers evaluate ship cost per their product specs and ship best method, best price, in proper carrier packaging. Some envelopes we use that meet USPS first class guidelines may not even be acceptable in UPS and vice versa, and could cost over 4 times as much. I see Hot Mess and mass confusion.


Like a USPS post office or mailbox is not just as convenient to folks as a UPS drop off location? Like the mailbox at their house or work? If they can get to a UPS location, they can get to a postal drop off just as easily.


If USPS can deliver, then USPS can pickup. They do not need to go to a post office. Same is true with UPS.

The cost of shipping, including returns, should belong to the buyer, not the seller.


If Amazon knows this will be the case, why isn’t it automated? Charge us the USPS rate for every return where we are actually responsible, and work out the internal accounting, Amazon.

This will greatly increase the number of cases opened with Seller Support. While Seller Support has recently starting improving (some things take less than 12 posts, and Seller Support is starting to read the cases), is Amazon training Seller Support to handle all these excess cases effectively and efficiently?

Come to think of it, when a return is buyer faulted, why do we have to initially cover shipping and then have to file a case to get the money back? Buyer faulted is based on the reason for return, which Amazon knows in advance. If a buyer gave a false reason so the return is initially seller faulted, we can file cases just for those.

As sellers, we would rather reduce the caseload on Seller Support so that they can focus on actually solving real unforeseen issues. It would also free up their time for training on how to solve cases more effectively and efficiently. Amazon needs to automate the appropriate things and de-bot many issues that really can’t be accurately handled by a bot. Please learn the difference!


I appreciate that USPS picks up my shipments at my mailbox. That’s just one of the reasons why we don’t use UPS (the others: higher prices, inconvenient locations, less reliable delivery times). Of course, we ship small products and we have an oversized mailbox. And we do notify USPS of pickups with our regular mail as it usually results in a faster first scan. Why would I want to drive to the Post Office? No one is reimbursing me for the increase in gas prices, so this helps me keep my prices down by avoiding unnecessary expenses.



So recap.

  1. This is only for items weighing <15 oz and 130 inches girth.

  2. We can claim a refund for the difference between the UPS and USPS shipping costs.

    • BUT no link is given to do so
  3. We have no idea what the UPS cost will be, but I assume you have a rate already (?)

    • PLUS there’s the possible “additional Handling Surcharge of $15.31” that @Rocinante points out

Not sure how great this is for sellers, bu tas always it’s all about the buyers. And seriously? "

This has to be so negligible that I feel like Amazon thinks we’re stupid by just implying this will be good for us.


All of this!!


My concerns remain the same. My customers are being sent refunds before the item is in my hands. I have had returns where the customer kept several items but still received a full refund and have also received several damaged items. And even when the customer admits that they ordered the item by mistake, the seller is stuck paying for the return shipping. The appeals process is too time consuming. It’s as if Amazon designed it to exhaust the seller in hopes that he or she will give up and accept the loss. I rarely end up recouping my money when a customer returns a damaged item. The most I get from Amazon is a restocking fee.


So since it’s some kind of experiment, why doesn’t Amazon experiment WITH THEIR MONEY and not mine! If I ship an item USPS and the buyer wants to ship it back UPS, then Amazon can PICK UP THE DIFFERENCE!! I feel a stress headache coming on. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


image Nickel and dimed to death!


This could be even more complicated than you think…
UPS charges may come in 2 phases…
The first when the item is scanned , the second can come weeks later when UPS adjusts the fee…
Will sellers have to check past adjustments ? will sellers be allowed to open few cases for same label ?


Nah … use mine. :wink:

Serious though you need to start your own thread to ask this.[quote="Travelers_Traveling,


I don’t get this.

You can drop off most usps items at a ups store anyways.

At least all the ones I have been to.

This is so poorly thought out.


For this new “thing”, since they say we can “claim the difference” ( with no info on how to tell what the difference is, or even how to do that if we can figure it out…)…,
Amz should just be simply charging the USPS rate on these returns, regardless of which “carrier” is chosen by the buyer, no hassles, no claims needed…


You are not sophisticated as amazon thinkers/experts.


How creative! Another way for 3p sellers to foot the bill for Amazon customer service experiments. Was this trial run on FBA shipments first? No, Amazon does not want to risk the costs. There should be someone who is an actual SELLER (which is not the same as being in Amazon SALES) helping Amazon do the impact analysis on such schemes.