Additional return shipping options for seller-fulfilled returns


My concerns remain the same. My customers are being sent refunds before the item is in my hands. I have had returns where the customer kept several items but still received a full refund and have also received several damaged items. And even when the customer admits that they ordered the item by mistake, the seller is stuck paying for the return shipping. The appeals process is too time consuming. It’s as if Amazon designed it to exhaust the seller in hopes that he or she will give up and accept the loss. I rarely end up recouping my money when a customer returns a damaged item. The most I get from Amazon is a restocking fee.


So since it’s some kind of experiment, why doesn’t Amazon experiment WITH THEIR MONEY and not mine! If I ship an item USPS and the buyer wants to ship it back UPS, then Amazon can PICK UP THE DIFFERENCE!! I feel a stress headache coming on. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


image Nickel and dimed to death!


This could be even more complicated than you think…
UPS charges may come in 2 phases…
The first when the item is scanned , the second can come weeks later when UPS adjusts the fee…
Will sellers have to check past adjustments ? will sellers be allowed to open few cases for same label ?


Nah … use mine. :wink:

Serious though you need to start your own thread to ask this.[quote="Travelers_Traveling,


I don’t get this.

You can drop off most usps items at a ups store anyways.

At least all the ones I have been to.

This is so poorly thought out.


For this new “thing”, since they say we can “claim the difference” ( with no info on how to tell what the difference is, or even how to do that if we can figure it out…)…,
Amz should just be simply charging the USPS rate on these returns, regardless of which “carrier” is chosen by the buyer, no hassles, no claims needed…


You are not sophisticated as amazon thinkers/experts.


How creative! Another way for 3p sellers to foot the bill for Amazon customer service experiments. Was this trial run on FBA shipments first? No, Amazon does not want to risk the costs. There should be someone who is an actual SELLER (which is not the same as being in Amazon SALES) helping Amazon do the impact analysis on such schemes.


Oh ok sorry. New don’t know all the rules


Typo…This should be “As part of a short-term experiment to understand sellers behavior”


This doesn’t make any sense… more convenient returns encourages sales? That is literally the OPPOSITE, since returns negates the sale, and we are out the money. Please keep your smoke away from our rears.


BAD idea, my 8 ounce package is shpped UPS always cost 2 to 3 times as much as USPS.


Oh nice this helps buyers with easier non legitimate returns and return reasons for their purchases.


If you change that to “so negligible or outright detrimental” then I think you can autoreply with that every time Amazon says “we’re making this change because we love you and want you to be successful.”

Who doesn’t believe this “experiment” will prove “successful” and sellers will eventually need to shoulder the costs of buyers choosing to return any item by any method in any packaging? Because it’s not “delightful” if customers have to think or follow rules, now matter how reasonable.


Is Amazon going to charge the retail rate or the Amazon negotiated rate? Will Amazon be informing the sellers of the difference in cost if negotiated rates are used?

Rather than making seller’s figure out the calculations, Amazon has all the data so they should just automatically reimburse the seller either in full or the difference during this expirement.


This has been a disaster so far as I’ve been part of the Beta for this. Customers are confused and angry that “I” an giving them a USPS label for a 30 pound item. It makes us all look bad and hurts business.


The same sellers that were happy about the FBA increase (presumably to level the playing field between FBA and FBM sellers) are not up in arms about this.

I love it. Can’t make everyone happy all the time.


Amazon should do this for us automatically. Instead us sellers have to run some reports and match up some columns and submit to seller support and pray they understand what we’re doing.


This is going to be an experiment at our time and expense… this is not good. Exactly how are we supposed to know what the difference is between UPS shipping and using press class mail when we go to file a safe-T claim. And I’ll bet you Amazon people on the safety claim team won’t even know how to deal with this. Sometimes we may ship a small item in a small box but it’ll come back to us in a box 10 times larger than what we shipped it in.
Why don’t you try an experiment were the sellers get to benefit for once. Every change has been coming out sellers expense weather financially or spending time addressing it or trying to get our money back. If a buyer purchases and then returns as no longer needed or purchased by mistake why do we have to spend time getting our shipping costs back this should be automatic. I would say half the returns we get back are not either the same or in the same condition as shipped and often times the return reason given/selected is the wrong one so that buyers are not responsible for shipping.

Returns and what Amazon has done to the return process has been a major thorn in our side