Adding a new entry for "Key Product Features" under the "Description" of the item


We have listings that have more than five key product features but some items that only have 5 and won’t let you enter any more. How can I enter more when I don’t have a prompt to add more listings?


Keep them brief and to the point. If you do that you can put 2-3 per line with a “.” Period.

You can’t change the system to add more.


Thank you for your response! Appreciated. Do you know why some I can add more entries and some are only 5? Pretty confusing. Thanks again : )


Have an example?


Sure. This ASIN has multiple entries (B01GVYRSJE), this one does not and doesn’t provide the option to add any more entries (B084GXKDWZ). Thanks so much for helping!!! Appreciated!


The last two violate Amazon’s policy as they are seller specific. Also you cannot set your return policy to be worse for the buyer than Amazon’s normal return policy. Your main image shows more than the product that you are selling. This is also not allowed.



Thanks, I’ll figure it out myself. Appreciated!