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Greetings -
I’d like to add keywords to a manual campaign, but I’m only able to find a place to add negative keywords. The only thread I’ve found here is from 2013-2014, and it appears the interface has changed since then.
I’d appreciate any directions related to changing keywords for manual campaigns.


Hi Dennis,

Go to create your campaign - I’ll use Sponsored Product as an example - when you select “Manual Targeting” the keywords box will pop up above the negative keywords box but it will not show until this pops up.
I suggest always filling out your info from top to bottom when creating a campaign to make sure you don’t miss something. One selection may cause a different type of window to appear and you may miss it if you try to jump ahead. Also some settings you already set may change/reset when a new window appears. It’s best to complete the sections from top to bottom and then review again before launching your campaign.


Here’s the keywords box that appears above negative keywords.


They basically just changed the name of the tab from “keywords” to “targeting” for reasons that are not totally clear to me.


Thanks CableDude - I can’t believe I missed your response for nearly 3 weeks! Thanks for the screen shots - they helped navigate the process. I’ve got my first manual and my first automatic campaign set up, and hopefully haven’t broken the bank :slight_smile:
Much appreciated - Dennis


Gotta love it Invelop_Inc - just change the user interface for ?? reason to throw me for a loop. Thanks for wading in!


Hi. Glad I stumbled across this thread.
I want to edit the keywords I added when I created my manual campaign. It stands to reason that there must be a way, but “How to find it?” NOT reasonable!


You can’t edit existing keywords - you can pause/archive the keyword you want to replace and then add your edited version


I can’t bellieve how difficult it is to enter new keywords into a campaign. When I click on my campaign it says Ad Groups Placements Negative Keywords Campaign Settings and Advertising Reports. None of these give me access either to my existing keywords list or to any way of adding keywords. It’s truly maddening!!
When I try and read up on how to do this - the explanations always reference tabs that simply don’t appear anywhere on my page. Why would they make it so difficult


has to be a manual campaign not automatic

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