Action required for radio frequency device listings on


Makes sense to me. You could smash a bug with your shoe, so…PESTICIDE!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


used library books that still have their RFID TAGS!!!


How will the affect (effect?) the market for tinfoil (aluminum foil?) hats? Will these hats be considered “Radio Frequency Devices”? Will we have to prove their efficacy either blocking or enhancing the voices in our heads? What about rolls of aluminum foil that could be fabricated into said hats? And how will these “hats” interact with the chips implanted in our smallpox vaccine scars? I trust that more modern implants will continue to function as intended…


If a parent does then the whole family falls under that license.


First, they started gating categories. Then they started gating brands. Then they started re-gating brands and creating restricted categories within gated categories.

Now it is a bad time to sell anything that is called a “mask”, anything that kills germs (like soap), anything that could mention bug or pest in the description, any toy, and now, yes basically anything else left that could use power of any kind at any point.

Awesome Amazon! Way to handle regulations in as stupid of way as possible.

Can’t wait to retire after the class action lawsuit when you require every seller except yourself to provide proof that is impossible to obtain so you can monopolize more listings.

To all fellow sellers, if this is not impacting you yet, it will be very soon. These changes are causing nearly everyone to be stuck with inventory we can’t sell on Amazon and in many cases, stuck with a smaller and smaller option of what we can sell on Amazon.


I certify that I am certified. Therefor I will light up a frequency and delight the customers.


Well, Amazon finally put the nail in the coffin of my business. My complete line of “personal massagers” is going to have to be tested. I knew something was up with all the complaints about customer wifi issues around 8-10pm using our products. Apparently lots of missed football live streams and such. Many complaints.
Thanks FCC.


Not if he mentions that it blocks the sun’s rays, or that it blocks harmful radiation.


I am so glad that I was already planning on downgrading to an Individual Account again. Lol

Nearly everything I sell is going to be caught up in this, and most of us are not going to bother. I am going to begin warning my manufacturers now…


Oh well! First TOYS and now this. I had to take down my 15 toys :unamused::rofl: however, this one I don’t have to worry about. I guess everything that plugs in will eventually require something, if not already.


Yes, Radio Controlled Cars, Boats, Copters, Drones, Airplanes, and/or anything that has a transmitter. Even those little radio-controlled cockroaches and spiders. This is going to be a mess for people that sell those items as I have never even seen FCC compliance certs on items like remote control rodents and bugs before. The drones and higher value planes usually have a certificate in the box with the transmitter but the cheap items usually do not. The question is also pertinent if we will need certification for IR devices (light emitters) since IR devices are part of the Electro-Magnetic bands. Some of the cheapest devices like Remote Control Rodents and $15-$20 drones/copters run in the IR Light Spectrum which seems to be included unless Amazon can clarify those in particular?


Amazon will be wrongly classifying and pulling listings left and right. Just like they do for the pesticide nonsense.


Any certification has to be obtained by the manufacturer. However, most of the items mentioned here are exempt as they fall within certain unlicensed frequencies and radiate below certain power standards set by the FCC. IR used by remote controls and the like is not covered. Higher end products have certifications and they should be posted on the manufacturers web site. If they are not, demand that they be made public.


Oh my, do RIP.


I have a book which is a certain candidate for getting tagged. Professor Crystal’s Electric Belts and Suspensory Devises


I certainly hope Amazon’s bots don’t take down my radio related interest books, I’ve got a lot of stock of those. It’s a hobby and anything hobby-related has been doing well during recent circumstances.


It just time to move on, you buy $100,000 in toys and can’t get cpc and now you have to move and sell it elsewhere-Then you have radio frequency items-whats next ??? Items with wood??? its just getting too complicated for me- Seems when amazon sells it , its fine- when they run out, its no longer compliant. I just do not have the time to keep up with amazon request- i spend more time on paperwork then on selling my goods- geez at least the fees keep coming !


This isn’t about protecting buyers, this about protecting everyone.

If your neigbours house is full of dangerous emf emiting devices, those frequecies will travel through your walls and through the power grid into your house.


So how can I find out which of our products are effected? We do not sell any RF device by the way, but message says we have offered or we are offering such devices, while we did not, and actually not offering any device like that. And for example if you sell an Asus router or something, why is your responsibility to provide such a certification? Nobody will struggle to get certifications for big brands like Asus, Cisco, AKG wireless microphones etc. This is the manufacturer’s responsibility, not the sellers.


So, that means everybody has to prove own product is not radiating with certificate?