Action required for radio frequency device listings on


Radio control transmitters and receivers for planes, cars, boats, etc.




I would hate to be selling the electronic pest deterrents right now.


Change the wording before posting in the forums. It only takes a minute. “This will affect some products YOU offer or have previously offered.”


I died last night, I was holding my breath for 10 years


IOW all things blister packed.


Any book touting “Golden Days of Radio” - we have a couple similar titles in stock and sold a few in the past- will now have to get an FCC certification

Does this remind anyone of the pesticide debacle? Sorry-didn’t realize @rms had already mentioned same.


Where and how to get it tested? What are the charges associated with that?
Does anyone know?


This doesn’t bother me actually, I hate buying books and not knowing they are actual transmitting devices.


Technically you need a GMRX license to use a walkie talkie. I know because I have one.


Can a five year old apply for one of these GMRX license’s?


How do we prove our product is exempt?

I checked the FCC site and only see a description of exempted devices, but no information on obtaining a certification for such devices.


I am sure that if you contact Amazon seller support they will give you very clear and detailed instructions on how to obtain one of these golden certificates.


I was wondering how many of my lotions will get flagged


Lotions you say… just don’t include any pesticide claims and I think you will be okay.


That’s the spirit!


We will need to know what you will require for proof of exemption.

You have not provided us sellers enough information… Again… Like always.


I hate buying books and not knowing they are actual transmitting devices.
Ours are shipped w/ a free aluminum foil cap!!!


Radio Flyer is in big trouble.


I have listings of shoes that are still getting suppressed because it is saying it is a pesticide. SMH