Action Required: Amazon Marketplace Appstore Listing Submission


Got this email, and this part is not clear:

As a third-party developer using data from Amazon MWS, you are required to list your application in the Marketplace Appstore if you sell your application or offer it for use to selling partners other than yourself.

Does that mean if I am developing applications for private use for sellers, that all of these apps now need to be public and advertised in the app store?

This just makes no sense…


Amazon is dealing thousands of developers and in my experience their wording does not do a good job of clarifying things for all the situations we face.

In my reading of the requirement… It could mean every app not used internally has to be listed. I could see this as being reasonable if the reason is Amazon themselves want to know what each developed app is doing. Another possible meaning is, focusing on the plural form of “selling partners” (aka more than one), we could reasonably assume the requirement only applies if you are offering it to multiple sellers (and therefore if it is a custom app for one seller, the requirement would not apply).

I await an official answer on your question (but we rarely get official answers here).

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA


Seems like we are not the only one received this email. To be listed on Marketplace Appstore wouldn’t be a bad thing. That could mean a lot more exposure for the app.


Anyone heard anything on this? Our Apps are only used internally for our customers, we don’t make it available publicly for sale.

The email says "“Applications that have not submitted the Developer Registration and Assessment and Marketplace Appstore Listing forms by September 15, 2019 will not be able to authorize new customers.”

I tried to open a help case using the MWS topic but the message says it can’t be sent because it failed validation so I have no way to find out from customer service if we need to file for an exemption, or if we are safe to ignore it?