Account wrongly deactivated for forged invoices


Dear forum,

We are a 5 year selling account with a perfect feedback score.
Generating About $4 million dollars in sales annually.

With that said we know the requirements for invoices submitted to amazon for all realstes issues.

As a result we only work with 2 suppliers that fully understand the amazon process and are there to help verify everything amazon asked for if needed.
And we never had problems with them the last 5 years.

On 1 nov first out of the blue I got a account deactivation notice from amazon for forged invoices. We have had no pending ASIN or IP cases at that point. All of them were reviews prior to the the suspension on 1 nov.

We have submitted our appeal along with a supplier letter authenticating the last 6 invoices sent and for amazon to contact the supplier if further verification is needed. Until today I have not received a reply or notice from seller-performance-policy in our case.

My little 3 year old and wife depend on amazon income to provide for us.

I genuinely believe that the suspension was in error and can be resolved if a person at Amazon would look at our appeal.
But so far the Seller-performance-policy team seems to have a large workload and I feel our appeal is lost in the process.

I appeal to the moderators to have it in your heart to please help me send my appeal to the correct Department for escalation.
With thanksgiving and Christmas round the corner it’s the last thing I want to tell my family that we are going into foreclosure for something that I didn’t do. And it can easily verified with the supplier.

Thank you for your support and god bless.
@SEAmod @Preet_Amazon @Gabriel_Amazon @Harleen_Amazon @Abraham_Amazon


This sounds like you are drop shipping.

Keep in mind, Amazon does not care.

Two things:

  1. You never posted your original suspension letter or appeal, so no one can help you.
  2. It can take Amazon up to 30 days to review your appeal. There are THOUSANDS of other sellers in front of you, and there is no way to get them to look at it faster.

You can only wait, and contacting them puts you to the back of the line again, so JUST WAIT


Thank you for your reply.

`we don’t drop ship all our merchandise we own.
Our appeal is already written by Chris McCabe.

We have no luck in amazon seeing our appeal so far.

The amazon moderators do care and help sellers.
My hope is they see my plea and help.


that is totally your fault.
in 5 years you could have built own business.

Are you admitting that you did not write you appeal? Why would they reinstate you?


Any professional account with higher volume knows not to try it yourself but rather hire a professional to write the appeal for you unique to your situation of course.


Not sure where you got this logic from.

But if this McCabe is so good, then why don’t you have your account back? He makes so many claims… they even claim to have inside tracks. If he did you should be back by now.

All You can do is WAIT, Sorry.


Sure you can hire specially trained people to do anything for you. Yet you should take responsibility for their work. It’s you and your business they work for.

McCabe wrote appeal for us is completely wrong attitude. I doubt you can get reinstated with such approach.


Hello @Sakurachan, we are going through the exact same thing, with a similar volume, and I am also the sole provider for my wife / 18 month old. A couple of things to keep in mind -

  1. You’ll get through this assuming you didn’t forge anything. This is a bad time of year, but it’s a good time to look at expanding to other marketplaces while you wait.
  2. It’s good to figure out what actually caused the flag so it doesn’t happen again - we believe in our case it was sending in the PDF versions and not scans of the invoice.
  3. Professional services like McCabe will be just using templates - these forums are really amazing for getting feedback.
  4. This is the hardest one and one I failed at - BE PATIENT. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING ELSE TO SELLER FEEDBACK. This has been confirmed to push you to the back of the line. Make sure your POA is solid, addresses every concern, and wait for the first response.

Sometimes the best action is doing nothing.