Account under reviewing


i have received an email from amazon that my account is under reviewing because of ODR reached 1.76%…should i appeal now before deactivation or wait for further action from amazon


what are you going to appeal? The review? They will do it if you “appeal” or not. Just wait until they tell you their findings and if they need anything from you, they will let you know


Amazon does not accept preemptive POA. Why would anyone? If you know there is a problem, simply fix it. Not sure that is easy with ODR.

Why is your ODR so high and what are you doing to fix it? The forum’s advice is free. It may not be sugar coated.


if i were you i would try my best to lower your ODR instead of thinking too far ahead on how to appeal your suspension (in which hasnt happened yet). Think what went wrong that has caused your ODR to go up and think of a plan to lower it below the acceptable level


can you help mi to correct ODR?


It’s really very simple. Do a better job so your metrics / account health don’t go into the red.

Doesn’t look like you’ve been here very long. Spend some time in Seller University to learn how to do this right.

Good Luck


We can give you advise here but only yourself can help your account ODR go down. Nobody else can. Go to your account and find out what has caused your ratings to hit over 1%. Obviously you are not doing well with your amazon business and customers are not happy with your service. What has caused your ODR to go up? Was it because of your customers leaving negative feedback on for not as described items? or perhaps your packages arrive broken or late? Whatever the reason is, you need to make a plan to show Amazon how you will do better . Amazon wants to see improvement and frankly, are lucky that they gave you a second chance by putting your account under review. They expect you to deliver exemptional service. Amazon has built a reputation around for leaving customers happy so they expect the same from you



This is Noor from Amazon to help you with your concerns. Thank you for providing insight into your current account status. My goal is to give you further guidance on the next steps.

For a more detailed understanding, kindly attach the mail received in your seller central performance notification about account review, so that we can guide you better.

You can also reach out to the account health support team for further communication on the issue.

The forums community and I are here to support you. Please let us know how we can help you from this point forward.

Thanks & Regards,


ha ha ha ha do a better job, oh thats rich. Theres not much one can do to get out of odr hell once you get into it except wait the 60 days or longer


the problem generally is not her/him (quit blaming them). The problem is quite often fake customers, a to z claims when no tracking was used, The problem is Bezos/amazon trained customers who know how to get free merchandise, use A to Z, if you give them trouble after that, then they leave neg feedback, we been there, done that, know what we are talking about. Many of these forums are the blind leading the blind, we switched to ebay and have lower sales, but higher profits.


If no tracking was used the problem is her/him. ODR is just that. Defects. A-Z, bad feedback etc. The way out is to provide the services promised and the products that were promised. If there’s an issue with ODR it’s because something was not delivered as promised for the most part. Are there instances where that’s not the case? Yes. Occasionally things happen and it’s not the seller’s fault. That’s the exception not the rule.


asv… obviously you haven’t been here very long. When your account goes in the red, you have 60 days of doing nothing. You are locked into doing nothing. Seller university is a joke. We are in the red due to not using tracking numbers then our a to z spiked as no one claimed they rcvd products, so either the post office quit delivering the mail or there is a lot of lying, thieving, scamming customers that Bezos has well trained to get free merchandise when you don’t use tracking numbers, he wonderfully sends along an email saying you didn’t get the package (when they did get it) and they should get a refund. Bezos started this bullsht with this email which they call a bug but yet it cost me so I switched to ebay and am happier with higher profits


Hey @F-EM, Get a clue.




rather than having the blind lead the blind, forums are full of people who sit around doing nothing while their sales flatline. The best thing you can do is call the Amazon support team, tell them the problem, Amazon support is paid, for the seller, while forum people are like the beer drinkers in saloons, good people maybe, great conversationalists, but maybe not quite accurate results, you want the best, call amazon support


Kindly provide the op the number.

Please reply with it.


asv… obviously you haven’t been here very long.

That made me laugh out loud.



and smh


it’s on the account health page, “need help call us” that’s where it’s at,(at least it shows up on our page or google it , we actually talked to Americans once) anyways we’re wasting valuable time, back to ebay we are on a buying spree


Thanks for helping the op!