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Please help, today Amazon did my account and the account was suspended today
Amazon requested some papers from me, such as an electricity bill, water or internet
But there is a problem I live with my mother and there is no invoice in my name Is Amazon accepts papers on my mother’s name?
Thank you for your help


No they will not. You must have a utility bill in YOUR name.


Amazon wants a utility bill in your name. This proves where you are. Change the billing into your name.


that isn’t going to help your need of a utility bill. All your documents need to have your name and address as it appears on your amazon account. Anything different and you won’t pass the review… Can’t you have the utility company put the bill in your name?


No they won’t. Sorry


are you sure can i do this?


Check with your mother… she is the only one that can make the change to her utility bill


If I am an apartment tenant, will Amazon accept my monthly rental bill?


As far as I am aware, they will not accept a rental bill. I could be wrong on this. It needs to be a utility. Rent is an expense, a place of residence, a roof over your head, a physical location that you paid - but not a utility.


And the mobile phone bill come in my name and address do you accept Amazon?


@Avimimus, here are Amazon’s guidelines for Verifying seller identity.

Rather than asking us to guess and trying to figure out a workaround, please refer directly to what was requested in the email and the additional information at the Amazon Help page link above.

Below are just SOME of the requirements for utility bills. Click the link above for more:

  • Name and address must be visible.
  • Could be (your options will display in a drop-down on the page) a water, electricity, gas, internet, telecom bill issued by the utility company, or a mobile phone bill.
  • If a utility bill for the given address is not under your name, provide a utility bill associated to the address used to register, and any other supporting documents that prove you are operating from that address, even if the bill is not under your name.
  • Must be issued within the last 180 days.

Your situation is already complicated by the fact that you live at Address A, your are using your mother’s information from Address B, and you have at company at Address C.

I recommend that you read through Info: Why was my account suspended, immediately after registration? for additional information and suggestions.


It is not a utility bill.

Most apartments do not include all utilities, water, gas, electric, internet


This is not a utility.

I know you are desperate to find a loophole… there isn’t. You MUST provide a utility bill. No other options.


I don’t understand why you keep avoiding this. There aren’t any loopholes for you to jump through to cheat Amazon’s system for seller verification. You must provide exactly what Amazon is asking for.

A mobile phone bill is not a utility that Amazon typically accepts.

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