Account Suspension and Appeal to restore


Your posts here are vague. Your appeal is vague. Amazon wants to know how you specifically will prevent these 70,000 violations in the future not a vague plan that says you will remove “some” listings.

Usually, the best way to show your understanding is to show how you will avoid listing each individual violating item. Most people only have a couple violating listings not tens of thousands.

If you are listing tens of thousands of drugs, surely you know some of them are violations and likely illegal to sell.

If you listed any prescription drugs in those thousands, you have no chance of being reinstated.


Only 13 listings survived your drastic purge?

Or am I looking at the wrong Seller Profile page? Is your posting name different from your seller name?


Now it’s coming out that you have many other category violations. Are you approved to sell in the Clothing category?

If you were selling illegal drugs, you have no chance of reinstatement. When someone lists things that are illegal, Amazon can’t take the risk on that seller. There are no sellers that have been reinstated after selling illegal items.

It’s obvious you were listing catalogs of inventory and having it drop shipped. That is a difficult business and your results are frequent on Amazon.

You can try and send an appeal but based on what you said, you have no chance of selling on Amazon again. Good luck on your next venture.


Well, I’m one of them.

I have no clue what USA Wholesaler sells but I have a suspicion the products they list (and how they list them) are Amazon violations, and I’m not sure I want to see them reinstated. There is a reason for their suspension, and this reason isn’t a common one. To me, if it’s not common then it probably has a more severe back story to it.

Personally I want to help sellers who have made a mistake and wish to change. I do not wish to help suspended sellers just rebound back onto Amazon to continue to violate policy again, especially if they have no clue WHY they were suspended and what rules they violated.


Well i am scanning my inventory and comparing it against the list of restricted products in few key categories and trying to figure how many more products i need to remove before i represent my case to amazon.


You were selling drugs, and probably illegal ones. This is a unforgivable sin. You had 70,000 violations. People are permanently suspended for two or three violations like this and not reinstated.

Why do you think you should be reinstated? How do you plan to address each individual violation in 30,000 words or less?

Their offer of an appeal is lip service. You have too many violations.

“I will not violate policy and will remove 70,000 violating products” is not an effective appeal.


There were few illegal drugs not all 70,000 basically i removed all the items that would have fallen in gray area including drugs, some jackets, few hunting knives etc.


500,000 items in the store.

The OP is listing his suppliers’ catalogs not his inventory.

The first time he thought about what he had listed other than the items someone purchased was after the suspension.

I’m sure that only a few items were responsible for his sales.

As bizarre as it sounds, we have definitely had more evil sellers ask for help and receive it.


I appreciate your input but you are making sound as if the problem cannot be corrected and fixed. I have comparing my inventory against restricted products and if there are any products that fall in gray i am removing them. So i am not sure why this issue can’t be resolved.


Download an inventory report.

First look at the products you have sold.

They have the highest likelihood of selling. Make sure all of them are not prohibited.

Take down anything everything else. You can always upload some of them from the report data, after you are back in a stable state.

500,000 or 400,000 listings is a scattershot strategy which is too risky for you. Think small.


Here’s my advice.

Remove ALL products.

Re-list the items ONE AT A TIME when you are 100% certain the item is not in violation of any Amazon policy.

In order to be reinstated you need to PROVE to Amazon you know EXACTLY what you did wrong and will fix it.

You still have not identified what you did wrong nor have you shown any remorse in violating Amazon policy or a desire to follow the rules from now on.


So what do you suggest i should say ? Please advise


After go thru entire inventory there were only handful herbal products that were left in the inventory i had deleted everything else before my suspension which happened today.
There were tactical pens and pepper sprays that fall in the category of weapons which i removed and few leather jackets.


So basically i started the process of cleansing inventory even before amazon flagged my account.


I was not able to completely clean it before being flagged which is today.


Translation: I’ve gotten away with this for years.

>… Tactical pens and slingshots products were added by mistake…

Translation: I sold weapons with complete disregard for Amazon’s policies.

>… I proactively started scanning my inventory on 1st may 2014 way before I received a notice of suspension…

Translation: Even when I knew that I might be in gross violation of Amazon’s policies, I still left the items in inventory and kept selling them.


Based on everyone’s suggestion i have modified my appeal letter. Please advise.

Dear Amazon’s Seller Performance Team,

I have been a professional seller on amazon since June 2009 and I have never had a issue with the selling of products that do not conform with Restricted Products policies until recently. I have been proactively removing products from my inventory that does not comply with the policy of amazon and in the process I have removed a lot of products from my inventory which clearly articulates our commitment to adhere to amazon’s policy.
I proactively started this process of deleting products on 1st of May 2014.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to appeal my selling suspension from I would like to again have the opportunity to sell on Amazon. I cleansed my inventory by going thru all the prohibited products listed under restricted products category. Going forward I will strictly list permitted products that comply with all Amazon’s policies and agreements, and state laws. I realize I’ve made this mistake in the recent past unintentionally, and I have identified the reason of my suspension. Tactical pens and slingshots products were added by mistake and now I have developed a stringent plan of action to ensure this will never happen again.
Our Plan Of Action is as follows:

  1. I have deleted all the listings and remove all the products from my inventory that falls in the category of restricted products category and I will ensure that these products are not relisted in the future.

  2. Inventory has been reviewed for accuracy in line with Amazon’s seller policy’s in order to ensure that all products adhere with Amazon restricted products category guidelines.

  3. In case if I am unsure if any item is prohibited for sale on, I will contact Amazon seller support for confirmation before listing it for sale.

  4. I have been and I will be constantly monitor Amazon’s restricted product section for any changes to make sure that all items in our inventory don’t violate Amazon’s restricted product policies.

I have learned from this incident and I will prevent it from ever happening in the future. I pledge to only list products that comply with all Amazon’s policies and guidelines, and applicable federal and state laws and regulations. I proactively started scanning my inventory on 1st may 2014 way before I received a notice of suspension.


All I read with that appeal is you had no problem selling illegal drugs and prohibited weapons. That letter clearly shows you have no idea what you are doing.

Search the forum for threads of suspended sellers who were selling illegal drugs and prohibited weapons and you will see that none of them was reinstated. Use those threads to see what not to say.

The problem is, what they say is exactly what you are supposed to say if it was another issue.


I understand and symphatize. Only 50thousand items were of the forbidden kind not all 500thousand.

Still, you are better off with your very own site.

Customers often search for item via google so they will find yours if those cannot be sold on Amazon anyway.
Why would you even want that magnificient inventory go unused and not accessible for those who really need it and are willing to pay for it?

You could probably still use Amazon Payments for Checkout and that would fool your customers into thinking that you have Amazon’s blessing.


People get suspended for a single Used DVD set, or an OXO Mango Slicer and here you are … blatantly ignoring Amazon’s rules yet they still allow you to appeal.

You flipped them off in the first version of your appeal but at least you came here and try to fine tune it a little.

Good luck.